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MAG-10 & Ebay


I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to what sort of figure I should start the bidding at on ebay for one new bottle of MAG-10. I also have 48 caps left in a partially used bottle.



Dunno. How much is bail money on a distribution of a controlled/illegal substance charge? Across state lines?
Maybe you should start the bidding at $10,000.

Yeah, that's an exaggeration, and maybe I'm paranoid, but Ebay is probably not the safest forum for selling your MAG-10.


You could start the bidding at free and it won't sell.

Ebay bans the sell of government controlled substances.


Dont sell the open bottle. Only a moron would buy that.

As for what you should start the bidding at with the full bottle I would probably say $4.99 "Buy It Now." When you do, PM me the moment you put it up!!!!! :slight_smile:


you cant sell it on ebay.
but you can sell it to friends family and so on.
your best bet is to let people on a few of the boards know you have it,and wanna get rid of it and im sure youll get a few PMs for it. and you can go from there



People get away with selling it on EBAY all the time. I have seen it go for about $90. you just have to list it properly.... no in depth descriptions.... rely on people who would search for it to already know what it is. Search completed listings for Biotest, or for MAG-10 to find a history of sales. Want a model to base your ads on? Search have a look at how people advertize 1-AD. Vagueness is the key. But then again, there's always the chance you get blocked by Ebay if they have a sharp eye.


Ditto on what JB said. I saw an older bottle of MAG-10 sell for around $90 a few weeks ago. The ad was very vague. I kept waiting for Ebay to pull it, but it didn't happen. Who knows if the sale actually went through though. That said, I wouldn't risk it. You'd be better off discretely selling it here.



In fact, there is a guy selling some out of the UK right now. He wants $162 (buy it now) + shipping.



It's probably bushboy!!!


Has anyone else noticed that GNC is still selling MAG-10. I bought a bottle less than a month ago in Mundelein, IL. I have seen even more MAG-10 bottles at some of the other GNC's in northern Illinois. (Yes, I shop at GNC every once in a while, but only when my wife takes my testicles in her purse for the day. I lose all testosterone and end up buying the current issue of "Mens Health" & "Iron Man".) But I seriously digress.

I honestly thought the ban on Pro-Hormone products didn't go through. If you live in Northern IL, check out your local GNC to see if they have any stock left.


Thai Boxer,

that's not MAG-10 the prohormone, it's MAG-10 Avenger, the mixture of Alpha Male and Methoxy-7....works pretty good, though. you can get those ingrediants seperately here for cheaper, though...


Whoops. Thank you for the clarification. I suppose it would have helped if I actually read the label first instead of just jumping up and down like Jo Jo the Idot Circus Clown saying, "Oh Boy! Oh Boy! I just found some MAG-10! I will love it and pet it and call it George." Seriously, I did that. The clerk looked at me like I was on crack.