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Mag-10 eating problem

For the Mag-10 plan, my total daily calories comes to just over 5,000 per day. To put it lightly, I’m having an incredibly hard time eating that much. I actually spend most of the day feeling so full that I actually feel sick. I’m currently spreading those calories out into about ten meals per day (which includes my pre and post workout Surge). Do you guys have any ideas on how to keep my appetite up without feeling sick all the time? BTW, I’m using Massive Eating plus the thousand calories.

Why are you using Massive Eating? You’re on an androgen right now, and that diet was designed for a natural trainer! Eat according to the label recommendations of MAG-10. THEN worry about how full you feel.

Get a high calorie weight gainer. I used Prolab N-Large and Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900. Drink lots of milk. Try to get in a lot of calories in liquid form. Demo Dick is also correct. Focus on getting 400g protein, 500g carbs and some good fats and you should be ok.

I am running into the same problem as yourself. I tried eating oatmeal w/flax meal and vegetables and meat and protein powder. I just couldn’t get my calories to the 5200 mark I needed to. I felt sick and full all the time. The best solution that I have come up so far is to drink skim milk all day long. I keep a full cup on my desk the entire time. the only problem with this is that I remember reading somewhere in testosterone that milk causes a huge insulin release, so I might be causing myself to gain more fat than if I COULD eat all the requisite calories in fibrous foods.

There’s a great calorically dense weight gain recipe in the new ‘shake it up’ article at T-mag. Check it out. Unless you’re a naturally skinny bastard, I would not suggest you eat fast food and junk food to make up the calories. I wonder if this why some people complain about gaining too much fat on Massive Eating? They’re eating crap!

Why are you eating the extra 1000? That may be your problem, more does not always= better.

Man are u guys fucken idots!!! He is supposed to be eating a lot since he is on mag 10. god did u not read anything he said. read the mag 10 plan for success. dont listen to thoughs guys man. u are supposed to be eating big. u will get used to eating soon so dont worry. if u do feel sick maybe u are not digesting right or something. keep eating big if u dont u will be upset cause u didnt put on weight from mag 10. peace.

I also had trouble eating enough on my first cycle, and although I still got good results, lack of nutrition definately capped it. This time I’ll be using a very ‘thin’ whey only powder and skim milk, which I’ve found I can drink almost as quickly as water. Drop these around your ‘real’ meals and it’ll be a breeze. My plan looks like this: meal, water, shake, water, meal, water, shake, water, do the okey cokey and you turn around (skip the last bit if you’re easily embarassed in public).

Good Luck

Some calorie-dense foods that you could include are nuts, peanut butter, whole milk, healthy oils, whole eggs, and lots of red meat (although it sits pretty heavy). One thing that helped me out when I did it was the use of a digestive aid (I used Twinlab’s Super Enzyme Caps).

Mike, you are the fucking idiot! Demo Dick is right. Massive Eating is not for MAG-10 it is for natural trainers ie. someone not on androgens. And if you knew how to read you would know that Bill Roberts is the one who said to eat 400g Pro 500g Carbs and minimal fat! He should know he was the developer. So next time you call someone a fucking idiot do your homework, asshole!

Settle down fellas before I sic Michelle T. Vixen on ya. (She’s meaner than a boot full of rattlesnakes!) If he’s using the MAG Plan for Success, I believe it does recommend the Growth Surge program, which in turn uses a variation of Massive Eating for the diet section.

When Berardi and I wrote the Growth Surge articles, we thought that MAG-10 or Androsol would work well in the 2 week size surge phase. Bill Roberts, based on his knowledge of steroidal compounds, suggested that when “on” it’s better to eat lots of protein and carbs and minimize fat intake. Sounded good to us, so now we suggest that if using MAG-10 as part of Growth Surge Phase II, you simply eat all P + C meals. See, no controversy there.

As for the original question, many have reported great results even if they didn’t quite hit the big numbers John and I suggested in the program. Still, it’s better to keep the calories up, especially if you’re training more frequently or with more volume.

Generally speaking, as long as you’re packing in more cals that you usually do, you’ll do fine on the diet part. If you don’t think you’re getting enough cals, use more calorically dense foods as others have suggested and use several liquid meals (protein shakes with skim milk, the “no sissies” weight gainer, oatmeal shakes etc.) And in my opinion, for those on an anabolic, especially a really skinny guy, the most important thing is overall caloric intake, not the specifics of the macro split. Of course, these cals would ideally come from healthy P + C sources, but if your choice is between not getting enough cals and having to get more fat cals by eating a can of peanuts a day, then don’t sweat it and eat the peanuts. Ideally you’d follow the P + C guide when “on” but you may not be able to be “ideal” every day. Hope that clears things up a bit.

Dammit Chris, there was a nice shitstorm brewing here (apparently thanks to me) and you had to show up with a fire-hose to put it out! LOL. At least Rust started to spell the f-word correctly, instead of using a “ph”. Horrible finish, though. It ends with an “ing”. I should know, I have a spelling bee trophy at my folk’s place. So there.

I had the same problem the first 3-4 days of my MAG-10 phase. I’m on Day 10 now and I get all of my calories in, which is 5,400. I space it out into 6 healthy meals daily and 1 cheat meal a day which is fast food and a MRP. Make sure as others have said that you get enough carbs and protein. Fat intake should be minimal. For 5,000 calories daily your avg. 800 calorie meal could be 100 carbs, 70 protein, and 15 fat for 6 meals. You’ll get used to the bloat soon. I felt like shit the first 3-4 days and always had a bloat and never felt like eating. I still managed to stuff my face and now I’m reaping the benefits. Up from 194 lbs. to 206 lbs. and still have 4 days left.

Try something called “Liver Tea.” It’s made by Raphael Pharmacy and stimulates the 'ol appetite real, real well. Also, make sure you aren’t eating sweet tasting foods at all. These, of course, will decrease the appetite. I’ve found that certain foods like oatmeal (nonsweetened)and salty meats as well as bitter foods increase the appetite a great deal. Hope any of this helps.

AWWWWW…Chris, you say the sweetist things! kiss (on the cheek, I’m a good girl! wink)

It will be very hard to eat 500 grams of carbs from oatmeal a day. I suggest sipping glucose solutions and protein powder throughout the day as a large portion of your carbohydrates and protein.

If he is eating so many calories that it is making him sick then it is probably affecting his workouts, which would make using mag-10 a waste. It would better to ease up on the calories and slowly raise them back up.