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mag 10 duration

okay,I know that taking’real’ anabolics sometimes takes a few weeks to ‘kick in’. I have several bottles of the new Mag10 and was wondering if Iwould bebetter suited to go on a longer (say 4 - 6 week) cycle as opposed to the recommended 2 on 2 off(with tribex) protocol.

The ‘kick in’ thing isn’t true. Read Cy Willson’s Juicers SAT article at T-mag. He explains why this is a myth there.

You do need to frontload though to get blood levels at maximum right off the bat.

Biotest understands their product better then anyone else. Follow their advice for best results.

Now people have been using longer cycles, which risks more suppression, but it seems unnecessary if you bet better results from 2 on, 2 on Tribex, and two on Mag-10 again.

If you really want the results, double dose.

You’ll always get better results going 6-8 weeks straight on an androgen than you would going 2 on/2 off. The benefit to the latter is the minimal suppression and quick recovery.

If you have access to recovery agents (ie. Clomid), then the wisest option is 8 weeks straight.

Thunder, would Clomid be necessary with a 6-8 week cycle of Mag 10? Or would M + Red Kat get the job done. How about 4 weeks straight on Mag 10?

I just made a similar post, but figured I’d add one here too. I’m currently juggling the idea of the suggested 2on/2off mag10 cycle and a 6-8 weeker. Do you think the gains would be greater on the longer one? Even with regular anabolics, I don’t see many short bulking cycles (cutting cycles, yes, but not bulking), so I’m curious as to what people think.

I am think of doing a Mag-10 cycle myself but plan to do a longer cycle with Clomid. I was thinking of doing a double dose of Mag-10 for 10-12 weeks. Clomid 50mgs daily for entire cycle and 2 weeks after. Also think of adding 100mg of RSOC Turinabol for the first 8 weeks as an extra anabolic kick. I think that Biotest recommends the conservative 2 week cycle for legal issues?

I am on my second 4-week cycle of mag10. I take one dose daily for 4 weeks followed by 2 weeks tribex/M. I did this once before with no noticeable suppression. I did not get any tests done but I noticed no common sides of suppressed T. I’m in the middle of a second similar cycle although this time using mag10 to hold onto muscle while dieting.