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Mag-10 & Drug Testing

Hey guys,

I have never used steroids or pro-hormones before becuase I have been afraid of failing a drug test for my job. I have gotten great results from Tribex, Vitex (couldnt wait for M), Methoxy.

I am real tempted to try Mag-10 but. Gaining 20lb of muscle (which i would imagine a nice amount of fat loss)and the strength increases really tempt me.

But the cherry on the ice cream, was hearing that the half life of the ingredients of Mag-10 is pretty short. Does that mean someone wouldnt fail a drug test while using Mag-10? I think I rememebr reading somewhere that chemically speaking, it is heard to fail a piss test while on Mag-10. Is this true, or was I just dreaming that I read that.

I know alot of guys say "you dont have to worry about steroid testing unless you are in the NFL", but it is always a possibility that someone like a police dept, military dept etc would test for steroids.

Thanks in advance everyone

Yes, I think it was in a post by Bill Roberts. He said it would be tough to fail a piss test, even a steroid test (which aren’t tested for in standard employer test because of costs and other factors) when using MAG-10. There is one type of test that could show that something is up, but it’s hardly ever used, even with athletes. You might do a name search for “Bill Roberts” to get all the details.

Thanks Tek. I did the name search for Bill roberts, and I couldnt find it. I do remember reading it, but was hoping Bill would answer again, if he did already answer that question, just to rest my mind, and 40,000 other officers minds.

A few months ago I answered that question on string started by an FDNY employee who was worried about the same thing…got out 3/4’s 18 months ago-my old partner was ICO of medical division(at Lefrak) and he was into supplementation and working out and explained the whole process of NYPD drug testing do a search for pro-hormones and drugtesting to see the string,load up my friend on Mag-10 nothing to worry about

Thanks Ex-NYPD, that is where I probably read it.