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Mag 10 drug test disclaimer

I’ve seen contradictory information on the web-site about wether you can or can’t test postitive for Mag-10 assuming an IOC drug test is the measure.
Correct me if I’m wrong…according to all I’ve read, you cannot test positive for any specific ingredients in Mag-10, but it may raise your T levels and t/e levels beyond the limits.
Also, can Mag-10 METABOLIZE into any banned substances, ie., nandrolone, etc.
Assuming it does, what are the clearance times(how soon should I cease use before anticipated testing)
Thanks guys

hey Chris, I have the same concerns and see conflicting info on this subject. I wish Bill or Brock would get in on this topic. I hope everyone can see why some of us want to know the answers to this question. Alot of us work for the military or in law enforcement, and they can check for steroid use. Whether they do or dont is irrevelant, becuase the fact remains, they always can.
My understanding was that with nadrosol you would fail for Deca. And with Androsol you would fail at all, becuaes it doesnt raise your T levels significantly, but becuaes of croos contamination with norandro in the processing plants, you can still fail for Decca. So I would imagine the same problem exists for Mag-10.

I know in IronMag, jerry Brainum has discussed this problem, with not only pro-hormones, but that even contamination with alot of other supplements with norandro occurs at these plants.
I just wish Bill and Brock would talk more about this issue and clear things up for us. Like I said all military and law enforcement personal are eligible to get drug tested for steroid use, and you would be suprised, it does happen and guys do fail for being steroid users and get fired. so it would suck to go through hell to prove you took any pro-hormone and not steroids.
I know a guy who wanted to try that Horny Goat Weed supplement, but when he read the ingredients having androstendione in it, he brought them back. SO that fear is out there, so I really do wish T-Mag would cover this topic one day.

You might run a name search on Bill Roberts. He’s addressed these concerns in detail a couple of times on the forum I think. Maybe in the first MAG-10 support group thread?