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MAG-10 Dosing



A friend of mine got hold of some MAG-10 (Two bottles 0f 84 caps) for me.

This will be my first time doing pro-hormones and probably the last as as I don?t think he can get hold of anymore.

  1. Would it be better to take 6 caps once a day (3 caps then 3 caps 12 hours later) for 2 weeks, on the two weeks off take M and TRIBEX then back on mag-10 for another two weeks then M and TRIBEX once more?


  1. Take 6 caps twice a day for two weeks then M and TRIBEX for two weeks?

Seeing as this will be the only MAG-10 I can get I would like to make sure I use the most effective method.


where do you get your numbers from?

The old articles I read say 1-2 per day for 2 weeks then 2 weeks AlphaMale/M for 2 weeks and them repeat for a maximum of 12 weeks .

It seems you are planning on at least trippling that dose and I don?t know if that?s a good idea.


I'm familiar with two versions of MAG-10. One with a dosing of 6 caps at a time, the other with a dosing of 5 caps at a time. It sounds like you have the 6 caps at a time version right?

Anyway, not sure how to suggest using it. I'd say that the more you are using per day the more important it becomes not to be wasting your effort.

Is there anything in your planned two week periods that might interfere with your trips to the gym or your ability to eat enough of the right foods?

As a final thought, when I've taken one dose split over a day, I'd split it unevenly. After a workout and for the following dose I'd take four, followed by doses of two until the next workout. Whether or not it made any difference I'll never know.


On the label it says

MAG-10 The Destroyer 84 caps

on day one take six caps two times per day 8-12 hours apart. Therafter, take six caps one or two times per day. Do not exceed 12 caps a day and do not use for more than two weeks without a two-week break from use


must have read a very old thread then...


I think you read from the liquid version of MAG-10. One serving a day or two serving, one in the morning, one later in the day.

Go with 3 caps, 2x a day, or all 6 caps in the morning. This way you'll have 2 cycles. I believe Cy said 6 caps a day will be enough anyway.


It could depend on your weight
I tried 6caps X 2 and it worked well
I was 185 at the time and went to 197 (in 3 weeks)
I tried 3caps X 2 and it did very little
but we don't know your age, weight, experience etc to really give you any advice.


Age: 28
Weight: 155.4 pounds
Fat: about 15%

Been working out and eating properly for about 2 and a bit years


How tall are you?
Unless you are very short I would think at 155 you have more than enough room to improve before you try MAG-10 or any other "help".
You can keep it in the freezer for a couple of years.


I'm 5,8. I can?t keep it in the freezer as my misses would go crazy if she found it.


I'm not going to comment on your relationship, that's your business.
I would do 2 doses per day. Eat a lot and eat clean and don?t miss a workout. Good luck