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Mag-10 Dosing

When doubling up the Mag-10 dosage a bottle will only last a week. Would a 1on/1off protocol be effective using Tribex/M on the off week? Or is 2 weeks on better for some reason, or would compressing 12 weeks into 6 weeks be better or worse using a 1on/1off instead of 2on/2off. Just throwing it out for discussion.

I just wanted to move this back up to see what anyone thought…Thanks!

The body needs a certain time to respond to an LBM growth order. 7 days is a bit on the short side. 14 days is more reasonable. Your body may vary and many users have gained a few lbs the first week. There is only 1 way to find out.

so far, i’ve taken one dose/day for two weeks, and two dose/day for the next two. i’m on the 4th week starting saturday. so far, so good. then i’ll do two weeks of tribex, and a full week off of everything. that’ll be 4 weeks on/ 3weeks off. hopefully this will work out for me. but as far as you, i’d at least do two weeks in a row. i’d agree with vman, one week alone isn’t enough.