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Mag 10 Dosing/Syringes

About to start my second Cycle of Mag-10. (Got sick in the middle of my first one) At the drug store today I found an awesome dosing syringe. The “EZY Dose Oral Syringe with Dosage Korc”. The “Dosage Korc” allows you to permanently remove the cap from the Mag-10 bottle and stuff the rubber “korc” into the opening. It has a hole with a plug in the center of the “Korc”, so that you stick the tip of the syringe into the hole and withdraw the exact amount you want, then plug the hole. No mess, spillage or waste. I checked the package, but there is no web address. It cost $2.50.

I tried a similiar stopper/dosing syringe and although it worked ok, I found an even easier solution to the stopper/cork was instead to leave the plastic “tamper proof seal” under the cap intact, and then pierce a small round hole in the center of the seal with a sharp pencil, just large enough for the tip of the dosing syringe. The dosing syringe fit tightly and neatly into the seal and that worked slick. No mess, no fuss.

Okay people, where are you finding these oral syringes? I checked out the pharmacies at both Target & Wal-Mart last night, but didn’t have any luck. Is it something they keep behind the counter? …should I be trying a different store? Any feedback would be appreciated.

The dosing syringes are typically used to give liquid meds to babies and small children and most drug stores/department stores carry the dosing syringes in the baby products part of the drug store where you would find any pharmacy products aimed at babies/children. Ask pharmacist for children’s medicine dosing syringe if cann’t find. Also, many different manufactures/styles are made so look around for what looks like a good one. Walmart, walgreens, and all such places should have them. If going to use the small hole in the safety seal trick, look for a syringe with a tip that will fit into such a hole.

Look on the rack near the Walmart pharmacy. dosing syringes are often used for babies. Ask one of the clerks if you have to. They cost all of $1.49.

My second bottle of Mag-10 already had a punch out hole in the “tamper proof seal” that was a perfect fit for my oral syringe. The first bottle may have had it as well, but its already thrown away.