mag 10 dosing for 2nd week

Bill, i have been using mag 10 for 4 days now and have experienced some gains. Next week i would like to try to up the dosage as an experiment to see if it could possibly yield more gains. What should i do? Should i just take 18 ml at one time in the morning to get 600mg of Mag 10 formula in my system at one time, or should i should i take a 9 ml dose 8-12 hours apart as per package directions. The reason why i’m asking is because most of the time, i just need more than the package dosage to get the desired effect…for instance, i need 4 tylenol to get rid of a headache when the package says two for adults…with ephedrine containing products, i always take a couple extra pills and have never ever experienced any kind of jitters or shaking even when i’m taking 5 pills when the package says 3. i’m just wondering if uping the “active ingredient” content of a single dose might be beneficial for me with Mag-10. if you think two separate doses would be better, should i take them a few hours apart, or should i wait the full 8 to 12 hours between doses…this is what i’m thinking: if i am one of those guys who just needs more mag 10 to get bigtime results (and the active life of the product is over 24 hours) then i would achieve more gains if i just took more of the product in a daily, single dose (if i dont make more gains from the 2 doses per day, then i’ll just stick to the one a day, but i want to experiment and see what happens)…i am following all the nutritional guidelines (400g protein, and 500 g carbs, with a minimal amount of fat coming mainly from fish oils)

Also, i am training intensly six days a week while on this mag 10 cycle…if a muscle is still soar from a previous workout, should i still work out that same muscle a couple of days later anyway? Training 6 days a week doesn’t really leave room for skipped workouts, so what should i do…i just went ahead and worked out today anyway, even though i was still soar…your advice on both these issues is greatly appreciated…i will do what you say, i’m leaning towards the doubledose in one shot right now, does this make sense?

If it’s convenient for you, I’d prefer
(simply because it might be a little more efficient) to divide whatever amount you wish to take over two doses. If it’s not convenient, I wouldn’t worry about it – it’s certainly still efficient to take it all at once, even if it’s a double dose.

If a double dose is convenient but a timing
like 3 or 6 hours would work better for you
than 8-12 hours, no problem, I doubt that makes any difference at all really.

If it’s ordinary soreness, as opposed to “injury soreness,” and it’s not so bad as
to impair your workout, there’s no problem
with training again while still sore.

thanks for your reply bill, you have been of great help to me, you the man!