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MAG-10 Dose?


I have two bottles of MAG-10. The serving on bottle A says 2 capsules once A day. The serving on bottle B says 6 capsules.

Bottle A...2 capsules 100mg
Bottle B...6 capsules 300mg

So, I was told that bottle A is the "newer" version of the pro-hormone. If that is true, why is the formula some 200 mg smaller?

Please help make some sence of this.

Lot number on bottle A is 03089
Lot number on bottle B is 03083

Expiration on A is 10/06
Expiration on B is 09/06

Thanks AK


i tried to figure that out also, no answer, i was wondering if it was better to take both capsules at one time or split the dosage to 1pill am/ 1 pill pm. any ideas


Hi Ak47.
This thread may answer your question:

"Lotus wrote:
Just read the old Back of the Bottle for MAG-10, the original, and it says to only use 2 a day. This is twice as strong, and you are telling us to use 5 a day? I am somehow, very confused.

Cy Wilson Wrote:
You must have purchased your bottle from a GNC or something of that nature as they required different labeling (i.e., a lower dosage) in order to be allowed in to the stores."

I think you may have one bottle from T-mag (the 6 caps/day dosage) and one from GNC or something (the 2 caps/day). Hope that helps,


hey if there different formulas why bother over thinking it and follow the directions for each one.


Thanks for the link Charles. I'm a little leary of taking more that 2. Actually I'm not sure if I'll even finsh the bottle. I'm seem to have an alergy to it. Last time I took it my heart was beating all crazy like. I stoped using it. That's the reason I was wondering about the servings. I thought the other bottle might be missing an ingredent or something that could allow me to use it again.


That's weird. Maybe you should ask Cy Willson, he might know something about it.


I thought the newer bottles said to take 6 a day twice... AKA 12 a day.