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Mag 10 Dose

I’m currently using mag-10 and I’m at the end of the first week. I’m doing two doses a day so I bought two bottles thinking I would need them. However, It seems like I’m only half way thru the first bottle. Am I doing something wrong? I take the suggested dose. Also, I’m currently folowing the growth surge progect stage 2 diet while on the mag 10. I’d like to shred up after the mag 10 cycle. My bodyfat is around 8.9%. Any sugestions for diet and training would be great.

How are you measuring it? With the cap? Measuring spoon? Oral syringe? How many caps are you taking? How much are you measuring out?

I bet you’re using a spoon and spoons aren’t accurate. That’s why Biotest said to use the cap. The new bottles of MAG-10 come with a little cup. I like an oral syringe too.

I used 1-1/2 cup full per day in the morning and I did have about 19 days worth. You are doing it right, i think there is a little more qty in the bottle then it says, which is a good thing.

Try using an oral syringe instead of a cap (previously suggested on this site by others). I tried it for my current cycle – and it is SO much better than the cap method. It takes a tiny bit longer (my syringe fits into a tiny detachable plastic hose that feeds into the bottle which have to put together and then take apart) It gives you a much more accurate dosage – plus less seems to be wasted. Picked mine up at the drug store for less than $2.

I’d recommend to ditch the little plastic hose and leave the seal on the top of the bottle of Mag-10 or Methoxy intact and just pucture the top of the bottle’s safety seal with a sharp pencil and then just insert the tip of the oral syringe into the little hole (should be a snug fit), flip the bottle/syringe upside down and fill the syringe. That’s a lot quicker and cleaner and you can withdraw every last little bit when the bottle is empty. Oh yeah, pull the plunger back on the syring and fill with air before inserting in the bottle, then inject the air into bottle before withdrawing liquid back into syringe - keeps from drawing a vacuum in bottle.