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Mag 10 Dosage

I’m gonna do The Growth Surge Project soon and I have a few questions. Would it be better to take double doses on stage 2 for two weeks, or to extend stage 2 to four weeks and take a single dose a day for the four weeks? Also, how important is Tribex and M after a Mag 10 cycle?

I would go with 2 doses, for two weeks. The body or muscles can only grow so much in so long. So, who knows after two weeks your muscles just might stop growing and youd be wasting the mag-10.
Tribex and M are very important in my opinion. When mag-10 replaces natural test then your natural test is suppressed. Tribex and M allow that time of suppression to be over as quicker. So, less time in suppression and more time with elevated T levels. So, even if it is only for two weeks, I would still definately use tribex and M, or atleast just M or Tribex. But if your going with just Tribex, get some vitex(cheap and easy to find)!

Da Boxer

The program is designed for stage 2 to last 2 weeks. If you are really big or have tried 1 dose per day, then you could try 2 doses a day. But if you’ve never tried MAG-10, one dose per day is usually plenty for a first try.

Tribex and M are only necessary if you are going to do another MAG-10 cycle before being off of MAG-10 for at least 4 weeks.

Gotta say I like 2 doses a day. Just seem to get better results. Psychological, or maybe I eat more, or maybe 2 doses just gives me better results. The down side. You double the cost for the two weeks.

Another alternative: Scrounge up the dough to buy another bottle and use 1.5 servings for 2 two-week cycles. Why? Because many people have reported that there is a great difference in gains from 1 to 1.5 servings per day, and that the difference from 1.5 to 2 is not nearly so great. Hence, this is the best bang for your buck & time.

You have to try both and find out which one works better for YOU; it’s individual.

I highly encourage you to try 1/2 dose, twice a day, for 4 weeks. I’ve done it, and twice a day is better than once, as are 4 weeks better than 2. But come off with Tribex, and M or Vitex.

Thanks for all the replies. After reading everything, I think I’m going to do the 1.5 serving a day with a 2 serving front load for 2 weeks (or however long two bottles last).