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mag-10 dosage

I’m abou to start my next mag-10 cycle. The previous cycles have been on one servig a day. What have been your experiences using two servings a day compared to one a day

I experienced no difference while bulking; however, I have retained more lean mass when dieting (7x LBM in calories) with 2 servings per day.

I’ve bulked with Mag at one dose before (5 months ago), and just finished a 2 week cycle at 2 doses a day…although it is tough to accurately compare due to different caloric intakes and different training between the two cycles, I did see a slightly better increase in overall LBM gained with 2 doses a day compared to 1 (5lbs LBM over two weeks with 2 doses per day versus 3.8lbs LBM over two weeks at 1 dose per day).

In my mind, there was no comparison. When I did my first two Mag-10 cycles, I used two servings per day and got incredible results. I can’t even imagine that real steroids could have worked better. However, when I did my third cycle of Mag-10 I switched to only 1 dose per day (mostly because I had only 1 bottle left) and the results weren’t nearly as impressive.

To be fair, my limited results on that third cycle could have been due to some sort of "adaption" to Mag-10, but I don't think so. I think two servings per day is key to gain the quickest amount of mass possible in the shortest amount of time.