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Mag 10 dosage

Probably this question has been asked a millions times…What is the recommanded dosage for Mag 10… I’m new here, I did try the search but it didn’t work. I c 2 weeks with one dosage a day. But what are the best dosage… I’m in Canada, and I think this stuff is illegal over here but I got a place where he’s selling it for 260 dollars Canadian, so I mean hell if I’m gonna pay that much for 1 bottle I wanna get the most of it.

  1. Recommend dosage and results?
  2. When should I take it? Before or after workout?

I did very well one one dose a day aside from day 1 where I frontloaded with 2 doses. I’ve seen Bill Roberts say that one dose a day will work well for most. If you’re really big, then maybe 1.5 doses a day. Try either of those and I think that you will be happy. Yes, there are a few people that seemed to require 2 doses a day, but that seemed to be the minority by far.

If you haven’t read them yet, go to T-mag and read the “MAG-10 FAQ” article and the “MAG-10 Plan for Success”.

That’s retarded paying $250/bottle man! I’d try my luck ordering it first. Get it sent ground through regular US post and you may get it. Worked for me when I ordered nandrosol.

I agree with Big Willy… ORDER IT FROM THE STATES!!! If you get it sent to you as a private package it should get through customs…I just got three bottles of Mag10 for almost what you payed for just one!!!