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Mag 10 dosage variations

What do you folks think about taking Mag 10 twice daily for 2 weeks vs. once daily for a month straight? What would the difference be, what could I expect from each?

You’d probably get more results from 4 weeks
at 1 dose per day than 2 weeks at 2 doses
per day, but would have more total results
from 2 weeks at 1 dose per day, then 2-4 weeks off, then another 2 weeks “on”, versus 4 weeks straight. Whereas if getting maximum results in minimal time is the objective, not maximum cost efficiency, and you don’t mind
the possibility that you might be taking more than needed for same results, then 2 doses per day would be way to go. 1.5 doses per day is often a good value.

Thanks Bill, appreciate it.