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Mag-10 dosage times

Bill-I received my Mag-10 yesterday and am planning to start double sessions in a few weeks. In preparation for them, I just have one quick question for you. I’m planning to take one dose per day in the morning before my first training session. I figure that I’ll finish my breakfast at around 7 AM, and be at the gym at 8:15 or so (with some BCAAs around 8). My question is: When should I take the Mag-10? I realize that before a workout is recommended, but does that mean an hour before…ten minutes? Would I be better taking it with my breakfast (at 7) or later on (8-8:15)? Thanks for all your help.

Bump-to Bill or anyone who has started their first Mag-10 cycle.

The timing is not important, because the duration of action is pretty long. Psychologically, there may be a benefit
to taking with the pre-workout meal or shake,
but from the practical point of view I doubt
it matters significantly when MAG-10 is taken.