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MAG-10 Dosage Question


This looks like a great site.

Ok i've been training for about 2 and a bit years now but never touched pro hormones or steriods. I've got hold of some MAG-10 THE DESTROYER and would like some advice on what the best dosage would be to take for the best results. Basically I have two bottles of 84 caps and the dosage says that on day one take 6 caps in the morning and 6 caps 8 - 12 hours later then after that take 6 caps one OR two times a day but never exceed twelve caps. To maximize the results would it best for me to

  1. take 6 caps twice a day for two weeks followed by M and TRIBEX for two weeks


  1. Take 6 caps once a day (3 in the morning and 3 later) for two weeks followed by M and TRIBEX for two weeks then back on the MAG-10 for two weeks followed by M and TRIBEX again.

Can good results be achived with just two bottles?

Thanks in advance


Can anyone help with this


Everything you need to know right here:


Thanks for this. I have already read that.

I was hoping for something a little more detailed for my situation and the amount I have.


2 bottles along with M or Alpha Male would be an 8 week cycle.

You most certainly could make nice gains.

I'm not Cy, but one bit of advice I would give you would be to take 6 per day for 2 weeks all at once in the a.m.
Don't split the dosage 3x2.

Most importantly, have a serious training and nutrition program ready to take advantage of your MAG-10.
Eat plenty of carbs. This is no time to go on some Atkins thing.


Great. So you think I would benefit most to spread the dosing out a bit more by only taking 6 a day. Why do you think I should take all six in the AM?


Actually, I'm not saying you'd benefit more by taking 6 over 12.
12 would provide more uumph, but for me, 6 a day spread out over two weeks worked well. I was not interested in pure bulking. If you want to spend the money, and workout accordingly to get the full effect, 12 is great.
6 provides ample benefit in my opinion.

As far as taking them all at one time, I just think I remember reading that that is the correct way to take the product. As far as a.m. versus p.m., I don't know that it matters. Just take them all at once


Brilliant thanks a lot. I think I will go with 6 a day, plus this is also my first time doing this. I am mainly looking to bulk, what sort of gains could I be looking at by doing it this way provided my diet and training are in order? Thanks for all your help. Did you recieve any sides at all?