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Mag-10 dosage Q for Bill R.

I’m sure this has been answered to death, so sorry if it’s a repeat question…I’ve searched all over and can’t find the answer. Here goes: how much does body weight influence the dosage? I weigh 170 at 8%, which is fairly light, and I was wondering if 1 capful twice per day is enough, or if I should go with the full 1.5 cap. dose…any insight? Thanks in advnace =)

Trev - I would be shocked if the standard 1.5 caps per day dose does not fully satisfy you. There is no need at your size to use more than that. I was 25lbs heavier than you when I started and once dose a day was plenty.

I’m glad someone asked this question. I’m two weeks from finishing my diet, and I will end up at a hair under 160. If I can get by on one dose I will be ecstatic.

Waaait a sec, I must have read something the wrong way…WAY wrong. I thought the standard dose was 1.5 capfulls TWICE per day. This seemed like a bit much to me, for someone my weight, which is why I wanted to cut it down to 2 [total] caps per day, rather than 3. So, 1.5 caps is a dose for an entire day?

Most of the people that have originally used the product made excellent progress on 1 dose (1.5 caps or 9ml) a day. Some people felt that they had to increase the dose to 1.5 doses or 2, but someone your size should see great results with 1 dose which equals 1.5 capfuls or 9ml. I’m being repetive just to make sure that we are on the same page. At that rate, one bottle is perfect for a 2 week bulking cycle.

hey, one dose a day (1.5 capfulls) was plenty enough for me. You seem like you are the same size as me. Im 170pounds 6’0" and I took 1.5 capfuls a day. I gained 14 pounds and I think thats pretty damn good. Good luck man

Wow, thanks for that. I bought two bottles, and you just saved me a LOT of cash. I’ll hold on to the other bottle for another time. Another question…should I take the dose all at once, or split it up into two, and take them 12 hours apart? Additionally, would taking more enhance the effects? Thanks again guys

Trev - Make your life a little simpler and take one dose a day. I’ve seen Bill Roberts say that it might be a little better to split the doses in half (take 1/2 in am and pm), but it would not really be significant. The primary suggestion has been to frontload with 2 doses on your first day and continue with one dose a day after that.