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Mag 10 Dosage Compilation

A lot of people ask about what dosage works best and well there isn’t really a fixed answer for that. Everyone responds differently. Well I wanted to get a nice list of what dosage protocol seems to be most “popular” for the t-men. I will start off by saying that 1 dose a day doesn’t do much for me, in fact I usually gain 1/3rd of what I gain on 2 doses a day. I have done a few 1 dose cycles and the 2 dose cycles blew me away. I wish I was in the majority of people who respond well to the 1 dose protocol, but unfortunately my body likes draining my bank account heh. Even when dieting, 1 dose a day doesn’t seem to do much for retaining LBM. Once I up the dosage to 2 I can get away with a very high caloric expenditure and low caloric intake. Providing that training/diet is in order what dose gives you best muscle gains? I am not using this post in order to make a decision because I already made one about my dosing. All I want to do is compare myself to other people. I have always had trouble getting results from supplements. I’m one of the unlucky few who doesn’t inherit the intramuscular water retention from creatine.

I was actually interested in seeing what others think as well. I’ve done one per day for two weeks with little to no gains. I am interested in trying either one per day for four weeks or twice per day for two to three weeks. Feedback???

I did very one well on one dose per day of MAG-10, about a ten pound gain. I’m going to try 1.5 the next time around.

My suggestion would be to try 2 doses a day for 2 weeks. Make sure your Diet is perfect because otherwise you’re just wasting more money. I see no reason for you to make no gains on 2 doses a day, even some of the more experienced steroid users on the steroid forum are experiencing great gains with the MAG 10 challenge.

I tried one dose the first time and I probably gained about 4-5 lbs in 2 weeks and strength was up but nothing spectacular. The second time I tried 2 doses a day and the results were MUCH better. I probably gained about 8lbs. I could definitely tell a difference between 1 and 2 doses.

Used 1 dose the first two weeks. Now 3 weeks into the cycle (total), I have put on 14 pounds (10 to go !). For some reason, I didn’t really start to feel the pump until late in week 2. Still undecided about dosage on the upcoming two week period. I would be interested to hear more from personal experience too. Has anyone experienced any side effects with the increased dosage of 2 a daze???

I’m getting ready to buy 2 bottles for my first Mag10 cycle, so I would LOVE to hear a lot of feedback on this thread. I’m thinking 2/day X 2 weeks.

poohbaya I think you should try 1 dose/day for your first cycle. Your body may react well to one dose a day and you could save yourself a nice amount of money. If your results are not very great then you can try a 2nd cycle with 2x/day. If your results are still not good then i’d look into your diet/training.

I’ve tried both 1 and 2.0 doses a day and have settled on 1.5 doses for about three weeks as optimal for me. God, I love this stuff!

Thanks subby. No problem there. It would allow me to use a longer cycle, followed by Tribex of course.

I’m curious what bodyweight and heighth all of you are that have had better results with the 2/day dose. Are any of you guys monstas? I’m 6’0, 194, BF: around 12.

i’m 5’10-5’11, 192lbs, currently dieting down. I don’t keep track of BF, but my guess would be below 7%. I’m very vascular so I wouldn’t see it being any higher, I even have veins popping out of the oblique area. I still hold fat in the facial/chest area. I’m thinking the facial area is primarily water retention.

Hey Guys- I am doing a 4 week cycle of Mag10. Started Monday (my first). I am having a hard time getting in the calories, which for me are about 4400/day. I am using protien shakes, clean food etc. The volume is just way more then I am used to. Any suggestions from fellow T men on this subject. I am kinda feeling lethargic from eating too much. Also if I get the gains I am hoping for on this cycle (10ibs. of LBM) I am thinking on going on 4ad-ec for a 4 week cycle after Mag-10. If you have used the two, is the difference that apparent. Thanks T’s

Heres how I use it. I do 2 servings a day, 2 weeks on 1 week off 3 weeks on. My first time doing it, I ate absolutely perfectly (6,000 cal/day)and went from 195-230lbs with minimal fat gain. About 15lbs of that were regained (a month or so before, I weighed 210), so i added an extra 25lbs. Not bad at all for 6 weeks. I hang on to most of it too, with methoxy-7 and tribex after the cycle. Im currently 245lbs at 6’3".

Tek, do you take the 1.5 doses as one dose per day, or .75 twice? How do you split up (or not) the dose?