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mag-10, does it work?

i have been been reading about this mag-10 stuff, and before i tried it, if i do that is, i wanted some feed back on it from people that have already used it. people in the mags are really hyping this product, but is it as good as they calim it to be?

if some1 out there can help me out and let me know if this product really works, that would be awesome

You know what else would be awesome? Going over to that little field on the left-hand side of the page and doing a search. That would be, like, totally knarly ‘n’ bitchin’ dood. Might even learn something…

The “Mag-10 Plan for Success” appears almost weekly on the site. (You can access it at the bottom of the current issue).

There are also NUMEROUS threads on people’s opinions and thoughts about Mag-10 on the site. The search engine should get you there.

Hope this helps!

I dont think I’ve heard anyone say they weren’t blown away by the results from Mag-10. Try using the search engine. Just type in Mag-10 in the subject! Its that easy!

No offense, but do you realize how many times yotur question has been asked. Do a search under mag 10 in the forum

See the search future to your left? Use it!

Belive me mate, this stuff works awsome! I there are a few posts lurking about in this forum with my results so far. Get some! :slight_smile:

Paul G

you know, i thought i would come on here and get some help, instead of being flames on.

you think i would just come on here and ask before actually trying myself to find some info? i dont see a “search” button to my left, as some1 claimed earlier all i see is a “subject” and whe ni type in mag-10 in it, nothing comes up.

for those of you who want to flame, go ahead. for those of you who want to help, is there a link i can get that will answer my question?
this is since i cant find a search button, and i looked 3 times. thanx.

Just type in “mag 10” and click the word “subject” below the box. Good luck.

fndar: These guys barks are worse than their bites…and you will not find a greater group of people to get loads of information from.

But be forewarned…they won’t spoonfeed you…most on this site believe in the old parable of “teaching a man to fish…” instead of just giving him some fish…so here goes…

Two ways to do this:

1)TO THE LEFT: type in “Mag-10” THEN CLICK the word “subject”…you will get LOADS of hits…

2)Go to the “T-Mag” home page, and in the bottom search block, type in “Mag-10”, hit “enter”, then there 'ya go!

Hope this helps!

By the way…here is the Proverb (in it’s most familiar form)

“Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime.”


Click on current issue and the search box will be on the left. It doesn’t appear in the forum.

fndar- don’t make a big deal about being flamed. We’ve all been flamed on one board or another. It was just your time. Okay, let me give you some help. When you search for “Mag10” in the subject field, make sure its “Mag10” without the dash. The dash tends to limit your results. If you get an error message, reload the training/nutrition board again (just hit the frame) and search again. You especially want to get to the support group threads. Save 'em on your hard disk as a text file and just print 'em out. It will give you everything including the personal expereinces and all of Bill Roberts great posts. Good luck!

Flamed?? Man I thought that was polite. Type Mag-10 in the subject space and click on subject, you will get about a squillion posts to check out.

You’ve failed the IQ test required to purchase and use MAG 10. Thanks for stopping by. Come back and see us when you grow a brain.

The subject box you mentioned is the search function. Click on the box and type in “MAG-10.” Then put the cursor over the word “subject.” Even when you “mouse over” the word “subject,” your cursor just stays a cursor – it doesn’t change into a hand like some Internet functions. Click it anyway. You may get a security dialogue box. Click “continue.” At that point, the digital heavens will open, and you will most likely get so much positive feedback on MAG-10, even the most devoutly cynical would be persuaded. (I gained about sixteen pounds of lean and twenty eight pounds total in eight weeks. Others have done far better. But please, research the accompanying diet and exercise plans first, like Mufasa suggested.)

Yes, it works! Be sure to follow the reccommendations for cycleing off. I did my last cycle in Jan, and Broke 17" on my biceps for the first time. I usually don’t feel anything until about 4-5 days into a cycle, then the pumps are incredible. Take it, eat big, and go buy new shirts.

Since fndar is CAPITALIZATIONALLY impaired, the likelihood of him finding the info is slim.
From home page…type in, “MAG-10” you’ll find all the info you need.

type in “mag-10” and CLICK on subject…not that god damn hard

Regarding the search feature, type your subject into the box and click on ‘SUBJECT’.