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Mag-10 Dieting

Cy, i’m going to try your recommendations regarding severe dieting with Mag-10 for at least one, maybe two- two week cycles. I’m shooting for around 1300-1500 calories a day, with protein equating 1.5g per lb., which is ~300 grams (1200 calories). I’ll be keeping carbs as low as possible, except for on workout days i will use a 2 scoop serving of Surge (1 before, 1 after). Fat will come from fish oil (about 12 caps a day). My main ? is this. After i complete a 2 week cycle (that may be enough for me to drop a couple of percentages and then start bulking again, i’m not trying to get super ripped yet), is there anything specific i have to do as far as easing back into my maintainance calorie diet and upping the carb content? I’ve never really done anything like this before (i.e. use of anabolics while dieting w/ such a severe caloric reduction). Also, i read that doing 20-30 mins of cardio a day after coming back from a keto diet is beneficial…is this neccessary? why? Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated.


Joel - check out my response to 3xKrazy which is a few threads down the page abouting coming out of a 2 week fat fast. You want to do your cardio to help with insulin sensitivity (very important for reintroducing carbs) and also you can take in your carbs after aerobic work because there are non-insulin mediated mechanisms for muscular uptake of carbs. It doesn’t have to be intense, actually moderate cardio would be better. Once again, scroll down a couple of posts and check out the thread with 3xKrazy’s original question. That is my take on the issue. I know that Vain68 jumped right into some serious mass gain after his keto cycle, so you may want to ask him. He has some very interesting ideas that have worked very well for him. I think my suggestion will be optimal for getting you back into maintenance and then primed for a bulking cycle.

thank you for your post, i highly respect your views and will take them into consideration. I’ve always done better with sprint type workouts. I hate prolonged boring cardio, and 4 mins of 20 sec sprint/10 sec rest invervals have worked greatly in the past. I’ll will probably just deal with it when coming off the cycle though. Cy, if you have time to post, i would appreciate your views also. Thanks.

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Sorry about taking so long bud.

As for your question(s). No, there really isn’t any specific way to go resume eating a higher amount of calories. For the most part, I’d like to see the carb content go up when coming off(at least 1 g/lb) and then the fat content go up to around 20% of your total caloric intake.

Also being as you’re doing this for a two week period, I’d like you to add cardio (20-30 min) 5 days per week. If you were going for a longer period of time, then I’d drop the cardio out.

Oh and finally, the only reason why I’d see it necessary to add in cardio AFTER a keto type diet would simply be because you’re now adding in additional calories and perhaps thyroxine and thyronine levels aren’t very high. But at the same time, they rise and are back to normal in a very short period of time so I fail to see the reasoning behind that. I suppose I can think of a few other reasons (people seeing the scale weight go up due to glycogen stores filling and freaking out when this doesn’t mean you’ve gained fat) or (gaining back their appetite and thus over-consuming calories) but I still don’t see it as something that absolutely has to be done.

Thanks Cy, i appreciate it. Just want to clarify that it is ok for me to jump right back up to 1g of carbs per lb of LBM the first monday off the low carb diet?

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Joel, yep that’s fine. Go ahead and go right to 1 g/lb the take things from there.

Oh and thanks for the compliment on being funny. I try. :slight_smile: