MAG-10 diet Q for Bill R.

I am on day 3 of MAG-10 and though many of my meals consist of low fat, quickly digested foods such as Grow!, plain pasta, rice, broiled plain chicken breasts etc., I still can’t get in the recommended quantities of protein/carbs/calories. I get extremely bloated by the middle of the day and nearly ill sometimes. I understand that controlled forced feeding is necessary and that diet is crucial to progress but at about 200lbs the best I can get in is often only 275-300 grams of protein and perhaps 300-400 grams of carbs. Fat and fiber will be relatively low. How much will my gains be stymied? Would I make the same amount of progress over time or is there a ceiling that will be met with such an intake? What I mean is that instead of gaining say 20 lbs in 4 weeks will it take 8 weeks or will I never get there?