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Mag 10/Diet help

I am about to purchase the goods to do 12 weeks of Mag 10 in cycles. Everything I read about it says to eat big. I need some advice from some someone who has been in my shoes. Tell me what type of diet I should follow.
I am 30. I have been lifting since I was 14. I am a 6’ male, 240lbs, 25% bodyfat (I use a hand-held bio-electrical impedence device for bf%) I carry my weight well. I am heavily muscled in the legs as well as chest/back. I also have a 39" waist which I would like to dramatically reduce. I competitively wrestled in HS as well as through college at weights ranging between 167 to 220. I used to cut 17lbs in 5 days to make weight, consequently I think that I have damaged my metabolism from too many frequent starvation/dehydration diets. I definetly come from a family with endomorphic tendencies.
Since I have too much bodyfat as it is, what diet plan should I follow while on the cycle? Can Mag 10 help me to gain even more muscle but lean me out some? I feel that I will balloon if I increase any more carbs. I do eat healthy and usually pretty clean, around 3,000 to 3,500 calories a day. I do have a tendency to occasionally binge on chocolate. My lean bw is around 180#
I have at my disposal: (I couldn’t argue with the EAS deal I got)
25# of EAS Simply protein
about 150 packs of EAS Myoplex deluxe & light shakes
3 bottles of zma
Some Betalean(ephedra) for leg day energy

Any input would be appreciated

Well V2, how serious are you about your goal? You have a lot of time and training to do realizing your measurements and genetics. Obviously your metabolism can use some improvement, your already muscular which helps. This post can be very long if you want detailed ideas. But, for short, use a training variation that includes high volume running and high intensity running as well. Lifting will help but time will not be on your side. Coach Davies’ training ideas can help anyone increase their metabolism incredibly to help shed fat. You can begin by Joggin for 15min. then jump rope work 6x 120 skips, then sprints followed by GPP… This will help out a lot more than jogging forever. You can do this three times a week. Lifting I highly recommend Meltdown training with some added body parts everyday before the actual Meltdown. Mag-10 will most definately help you out by allowing you to cut calories to extreme points, the use of a thyroid assistant will help you out, as well as a thermogenic. Read here about certain diets, read also about metabolic rates, as well as lifting ideas. There’s a ton of reading that needs to be done on your part before you involve yourself on such a high demand goal. Be realistic as well, that will help ease you up and keep you patient. Let me know if you need more help, feel free to ask any questions.