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MAG-10 Destroyer Timing


I use Rez V and Anaconda Protocal. I am going to add in the Destroyer this week. I train first thing in the morning at 7am. what should my timing look like with these products. Love to hear from Bill Roberts.



wtf is destroyer

and wtf are you talking about


MAG-10 Destroyer was a prosteroid product sold by Biotest prior to the ban that went into effect Jan 1 2004.

Timing is not at all critical. If using 2x/day dosing I'd just take the first dose on arising or around breakfast time (though food is not needed for proper absorption), whatever was convenient, and then take the second dose very roughly 12 hours after that, with it being perfectly fine to be a few hours early or late.

If using 1x/day dosing then this could be either morning or evening. It's possible that one might work a little better than the other but if so I don't know which. Certainly either way works well.


Youre using a 6 year old product? Does this stuff not have shelf life?


I see.

In that case, I rescind my dickhead-ish comment.


Almost all mediction just gets less potent over time. It's safe to take.

Bill: Any ideas for another prohormone product? Are there any legal products that you think could be effective, or any obscure steroids that could be effective which havent been regulated.


if it's kept frozen it extends the shelf life by much longer.

I have 2 bottles of the Legacy sitting in my freezer, thought about selling them, but the amount I would need to part with is quite high.

Thinking spring time to use some of them.


Which would you recomend the 1x or 2x a day dose?


Any answer to which is better:
Two a day doses or one a day dose?

If i use the one a day dose i can stretch each bottle to 4 weeks instead of two. Would i be better off going this route or just using the max dose? Also if i were to use the one a day dose would i run it for 4 weeks straight or do two weeks on two weeks off type of cycle?


There really never was a direct comparison on this. My expectation is that for dieting, two 2 week cycles (with at least 2 weeks off time between them and preferably 4 weeks) at 1 dose per day would be more effective than going at twice the rate for half as many cycles; for mass gain in a steroid novice the same would likely be true but sometimes the two outcomes would be very similar; for mass gain in individuals who had already built considerable added mass with anabolic steroids, a single cycle at twice the dosing probably would yield more results.

I'd recommend having pharmaceutical PCT for cycle lengths over 2 weeks. Even for just 2 weeks it is preferable to have the pharmaceutical PCT but it's less of an issue, and very little of an issue if doing only a small number of cycles, skipping it with the 2 week cycles.


Well, that was a mistake above. I didn't notice the computer was logged in to my wife's account.

In fact the above was written by me, just to be clear. Not that the advice wouldn't have been sound if it had actually been Alpha F who wrote it.


Oh ok, So if I do the 1 a day dose do i take it twice the first day then once a day for the rest of the two weeks. Also i still have it in the freezer, so should i just swallow the frozen pills or should i Take it out of the freezer and keep it on the counter while im using it.

If i do two weeks on the 1x a day dose, then take 3 weeks off will i need some pct? if so what would you recomend?


The frontload is twice the amount that will be your usual daily dose.

So if using once per day, then on Day 1 take two doses, for example on arising and at lunch, though no exact method is needed.

It will work fine either to swallow the frozen capsules or to thaw out beforehand all the capsules you'll be using for the cycle.

"Need" is a strong word and you won't have a requirement for PCT. If you can readily obtain Clomid then 300 mg on the first off day and then 50 mg/day thereafter for two weeks is a great protocol.

If unable to obtain pharmaceutical PCT, a long while back I did some personal experimentation for Biotest when we were evaluating whether to include Vitex extract in the tribulus product (TRIBEX), where I used TRIBEX plus Vitex as my only form of PCT for a number of cycles. I didn't find this as good as Clomid but it was clearly better than either nothing or TRIBEX alone.

Back when we were selling the MAG-10 prosteroid product I never pushed people towards that method of PCT but if Clomid isn't available, then the above is a reasonable choice. The Alpha Male product combines tribulus with Vitex as well as Eurycoma longifolia. With the 2 week cycle, you don't need it, but it could well help.


How bout the dosage level for someone in their early 50's, should it be any different? And is there any other Biotest product you recommend taking at the same time?


Early 50's is still young enough that for steroid cycles (I don't have an experience base for MAG-10 use with men of this age so will have to go with anabolic steroid use) I don't think there's a need to adjust dosage except where there are specific health concerns. The most basic one is high blood pressure: blood pressure should be monitored and if a given dose gives an increase that is of concern, then decrease the dose.

It's common for anabolic steroids to increase blood pressure, and while at any age an extreme increase ought to be avoided, I tend to feel a younger person can get away with things that an older person would be wiser to avoid doing. I can't give hard and fast numbers on it but generally I'd say that if there is in the first place a systolic of 140 or above or diastolic of 90 or above then no large increase should be tolerated, and if blood pressure is already well above those figures then little to no increase should be tolerated.

Also for an older man it is more important to avoid increasing estrogen at the same time as increasing androgen, as that is a bad combination for the prostate. MAG-10 does not increase estrogen, so that isn't a problem. There can still be decreased urinary flow after a number of weeks of an anabolic steroid cycle that doesn't increase estrogen, but ordinarily this reverses not long after the cycle is over.

Supplement use doesn't really differ from non-cycle use, but cost/benefit can differ. What I mean by this is that, for example, an individual might be at a place where he has been training consistently and well with good nutrition and supplementation for some time, and regardless of trying to improve his training in various ways further gains have been coming very slowly.

In this case, if $X/week on supplements produce a really significant boost in results, then depending on financial circumstances this may be seen as an excellent return on money.

But on the other hand, if an individual is where he has good gains coming anyway without any particular supplementation, then a further increment with the supplementation might well not seem worth the same money, as the lifter was quite happy with his outcome anyway.

With the MAG-10 use it might well be the case that very extensive supplementation would yield some significant (even a pound is significant) extra muscle versus what the cycle would have done anyway, but because the results without it would also be very satisfactory, the increase might not be thought to be worth the money.

But on the other hand, some are well able to do it, and prefer to things the best they know how, so for them it is well worth it.

So it's very much an individual thing.

If choosing to keep the cost moderate, I'd put the first priority at improving protein intake, for example with Low Carb Metabolic Drive.

At the next level up, I'd use Anaconda, MAG-10, and Alpha-GPC as well.

If going all out or if addressing specific issues such as inflammation, I'd add Curcumin-500, ReceptorMax, Flameout, and/or Rhodiola.

An age specific difference, probably not related to gains in a cycle but just in general, is that as one gets older need for the essential fatty acid GLA increases, so the FA3 supplement will be more relevant than would be the case for say a 20-year old.


Thanks for the detailed answer. Im 51 and my blood pressure is fine. My joints are a little creaky though heh.

I bought three bottles of the MAG-10 Destroyer limited 2004 edition (I'm assuming this is the same MAG-10 we are talking about)when it was advertised we could never get it again, and tossed in the freezer. I was just trying to decide whether it was worth an old fart even trying.

I have never taken any sort of drug that would normally require a prescription or a trip across the border. I suppose I may be blurring the line a tiny bit with this since it is not legal to sell any more.

Thanks again, I've enjoyed this site from the very beginning. I think I even have an original t-shirt or two along with the first edition of the magazine when that started up. As you can see I'm not a poster, but I do try to read all the information. When I saw this subject it reminded me again of the bottles tucked away in the freezer my wife likes to remind me about a couple times a year.



Absolutely, it's worth trying. Assuming, as I think will be the case, you get results you are very pleased with, that is exactly the kind of thing that adds a lot of personal reward to us for what we do here.