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MAG-10 Destroyer and ANACONDA Protocol


Hey Coach,

I have 2 bottls of MAG-10 Destroyer. My question is in your opinion (not wanting to buy a ton of the ANACONDA Protocol), what would be better use.

Utilize ANACONDA Protocol 1 while on MAG-10 Destroyer (2 week stints), or utilize the ANACONDA Protocol on the off weeks of Destroyer?

In one sense, the 2 would compliment each other, yet it would seem that during the off phase of Destroyer, the ANACONDA could help keep or even increase gains.

What are your thoughts given the choice.


Oops, not that it makes much difference, but it's MAG-10 Legacy


You can defintely go both ways...

Option 1 would allow you greater gains, but you might lose more when you come off the Detroyer.

Option 2 would give you less gains per phase, but you would gain over a longer period of time.

I PERSONALLY would go with option 1, and then attempt to maintain gains using other ''weapons'' (increases caloric intake, use a natural testo booster, increase fat intake, move on to a more abbreviated but heavy lifting program, etc.)


Thanks, appreciate your time.