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MAG-10 Cyle- How Long?

Hi, I’m preparing myself to jump into MAG-10 cycles (2 weeks) in combination with cycles of TRIBEX and M anti estrogen (2 weeks). But one thing I don’t understand is the maximum number of cycles I can do. I’ve seen that 12 weeks is the max. Then, is it 32 weeks of MAG-10 and 32 weeks of recovery (TRIBEX and M) or 62 weeks mag 10 and 62 weeks recovery? Also, how can I order products from T-Nation ? (I live in Belgium and it’s hard to find theses products). I tried but failed. Last question: what is the best creatine product? powder or serum?

Hey they my foreign friend, the 12weeks they are talking about is 3 times through the 2 on 2off cycle. Then you should probably give your endocrine system a rest for a month and then if you have the money you could go back on.
But depending on your health and age I would say go ahead try out a few of these cycles and if you have enough MAG-10 go ahead and start doubling your dosages and these cycles and see some intense gains.
As far as getting the MAG-10 from this site they are currently out of stock but when more is made you would have to write to customer services to your shipping questions.

As far as creatine goes I prefer the powderd form. Just add 5-10mg of it to your Surge after you work out and you should be good to go.
Hope this helps and don’t be afraid to ask anything you need everyone on this board is willing to help as long as you will read a little and do some of your own research before asking.