MAG-10 Cycles

Hey guys,

Whats the most cycles you can do before a rest period…biotest says 3 in a row…any problems with doing 4 if the first two were spaced about a month apart?


are you using anything post-cycle? i.e. M or/and Tribex-500?

Im planning on a Mag-10 cycle as well, but would really like to follow it up with an anti-e and test. aid.

As for your question, I probably would not do 4 cycles in a row, the recommendations are there for a reason. Im sure it’s a conservative one. It’s a chance you can take though, I really don’t see a huge harm in doing so.


Yeah im using M and Tribex after each cycle.


im doing 6 wks of double dose. i just started my 5th wk. start wt.- 220lbs current wt. 232lbs. and great pumps, plenty of strength. this is my 4th cycle in about a year. the rest were only 2wks.

The labe on the new Mag-10 capsules says this:

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, on day one, take 6 capsules two times per day, 8-12 hours apart. Thereafter, take 6 capsules one or two times per day. Do not exceed 12 capsules a day. Do not use for more than 2 weeks without taking a 2 week break from use.

Does that mean that as long as you take a 2 week break after two weeks of use you can use it on and off all year? Theres no reccomended max cycles on the bottle…why not?

I start an 8-weeker today.



Of the new or old stuff?

Old stuff.

Oh well. Instead of 12 pounds of muscle, maybe 9. :wink: I can handle that.

8 Weeks solid? All MAG?