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Mag 10 cycles (for Tampa Terry, Thunder)

If you get better gains doing 2 week on 2 weeks off on Mag 10, why are steroid cycles generally 8 weeks or longer? I thought one would get more gains by being on an andro longer.

Hey, there, TrenchDawg.

Hmmm. I actually had to think abou that one for a bit and use the re-search engine. If I stumble around too badly on the answer, maybe someone else will jump in with their thoughts?

If you read Cy Wilson’s article, you may get a more comprehensive (and more precise) answer. Check out http://www.t-mag.com/articles/206nev2.html.

My thoughts are that drugs (or prohormones, as the case may be) influence the body in different ways and thus have different optimal dosages and times where you’re getting a positive cost to benefits ratio. In the case of Mag-10, the 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off is for hormonal recovery and to solidify gains. People have tried longer cycles (with more impressive gains), but lost a greater percentage of their gains. In the case of Mag-10, 2 weeks just happens to be optimal, where the benefits are greater than the side effects.

So why is a Mag-10 cycle different from other steroid cycles? I guess it really depends on a number of factors, the pharacological effects on the body, whether the steroid is more anabolic or androgenic, whether a person is willing to put up with side effects (or has other chemical resources to minimize the side effects). Some substances can be taken for very long periods of time, with no downregulation and no sides. Others lose their effect in a very short period of time (or the sides start to outweigh the benefits).

I guess it’s just the way it is. Not trying to be a smart-ass. I just don’t have a better answer.

Anyone else have thoughts on the subject?

A longer cycle will more than likely get you more gains than a shorter one.
However, since prohormones influence the body similarly to true anabolic steroids you will likely also be at greater risk of side effects as well as greater suppression of natural testosterone levels. The latter is the factor in how much of the gained muscle you get to keep.

Steroid users that are in the know also include ancillary pharmaceuticals in their cycles to prevent sides and to get T levels back up quickly. An eight week cycle of Mag-10 might warrant similar considerations and Biotest might just want to keep it safe and simple. Only they can say exactly…

ask the steroid forum.

The reason Mag10 is recommended in for only 2 weeks at a time is to minimize supression and hence recovery time.

You could take Mag10 for 8 weeks, but then you would need to follow the same post cycle protocol (ie taking clomid) as with other AAS. That brings in the legality issue which of course defeats the purpose of using Mag10.

Of course you could take Mag10 for 8 weeks without using any post cycle goodies, but by the time your ‘boys’ recovered, you would have lost most of your gains.