MAG-10 Cycle?

How does this sound?

3 weeks MAG-10 caps at 1 dose per day
3 weeks M, Methoxy-7, and Alpha Male
3 weeks MAG-10 caps at 1 dose per day
3 weeks M, Methoxy-7, and Alpha Male.

  1. It sounds good, SO LONG AS DIET AND WORKOUTS are appropriate.

  2. Where did you get 6 weeks’ worth of Methoxy-7?

Choices choices.LOL

Yes that sounds solid.

You could also do 3 2 weekers, 2 2weekers the second @ double dose, a 2 and a 4, or the holy of holies a 6 weeker or a double dosed 3 weeker. LOL

Either way just remember the longer the cycle the greater potential for supression and the greater the need to dial in your recovery to keep the gains. Keep eatin and drop the training volume during recovery. Along with a plethora of other tid bits of nutriton and training that can help restore natural hormonal levels.

Sounds good though,
Lets us know which way you go and how it turns out.


Flux, I just finished the following:

-4 wks Mag10/ 4AD-EC (Mag in AM, 4AD in PM)

followed by:

-4 wks Alpha Male, M, ZMA

GREAT gains, although I lost my libido during the last week of the first cycle through the first week of the recovery cycle. It did come back with a vengence. I don’t like two week PH cycles, their just not long enough. And four weekers are a tad rough on my system, so if I were you I’d stick to the three week plan.

Ok, I had forgotten to mention ZMA during the whole thing.

I have had success with 2x2x2 with recovery cycles of 2 weeks inbetween, but I felt like 2 weeks just wasn’t long enough for ph. I figured 3 weeks might let me hit “the zone” for a bit longer before supression set in.

Any ideas or experiences?

I want to get some really good gains off of this cycle, so I am not really against any particular stack. Theoretically, would a double dose 3 week work better?

I have a question about the MAG-10 Plan for Success…

The plan calls for 2 weeks of MAG-10 then 2 weeks of TRIBEX and M…

The dosage for the TRIBEX is “three capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and three capsules 8-12 hours later”…

My question: Is the TRIBEX supposed to be cycled within the 2 week period as suggested on the label (5 days on and 2 days off) or just take 6 capsules a day for the 2 week period as the Plan seems to suggest?

For a two week period I think you would be ok not cycling the TRIBEX. In fact, if you are currently experiencing some supression after your MAG-10 cycle, it may be beneficial to give yourself a little bit extra over the normal dose. I think the cycling is recommended for continuous use.

TShaw: I stocked up on Methoxy-7 before they stopped selling it. Also, I just bought some of the new caps.

Thanks theflux for the input…

Anybody “second” his statement…it makes sense but I would like to hear it from a couple of sources…

Should you cycle the TRIBEX (5 days on and 2 days off) for a 2 week cycle between MAG-10 cycles?

Bro your original plan looks great. Just do as flux said and use either TRIBEX or Alpha Male and M the whole 3 weeks you are off.
I deffinantly recommend the Alpha Male from personal experience.
Get Big.

hey leejaime97,

I think that the cycle 5 days on 2 days off was recommended if one decided to take TRIBEX as a routine ‘vitamain’. If I’m not mistaken these are TC’s recommendations.

If you’re following a PH cycle, you should definitely take it the entire recovery period in between cycles if downregulation is an issue… so I’ve read.


I second what KyleWitter99 said. The 5-on 2-off protocol is for taking TRIBEX on a regular basis - ie. not cycling it with a PH.

When cycling with MAG-10, take it for the entire 14 days.

Just my .02

Thanks rainjack, KyleWitter99 and of course theflux for clearing that up…