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MAg-10 cycle

I plan on doing a cycle of mag-10, starting the day after Christmas, with the intention of gaining muscle with minimal fat gain. I’ll be coming off a long,long ketogenic cutting diet. I really screwed up my training while cutting with the keto, I was inconsistent and without a real program(I just couldn’t get through the workouts without carbs). As a consequence, I lost very little fat but am sick to death of cutting so I’m bulking anyway. Seeing as I’m not very lean at all(around 12%, I would guess), but would still like to bulk should I cut down the recommendation of going 1000Kcal above maintenance to maybe 500 or just maintenance and rely on the Mag-10? Any diet recommendations would be sincerely appreciated. Also, I would be incredibly grateful if someone would recommend a good trainging split or program or just frequency/volume guidelines while I’m “on”, Thanks in advance for any help, I can’t wait to get back on track.

Check out Ian King’s “Super Stength” and “Limping” at www.kingsports.net/. I finished both of those programs (I did them together) and saw phenomenal results. I gained so much more muscle than I ever thought I would. If you do choose to go with these programs get ready . . . after about the seventh or eighth week my results got giggly funny they were so much.


Brian, did you use Mag 10 during the Ian King programs or no? I’m planning on starting “Super Strength” and “Limping” on January 6 and was just curious to see how you divided “on” weeks and “off” weeks using the program.

No I did not take Mag-10 while I was in that bulking phase. I will be, however, cycling it during my next bulking phase in February, which will be the 12-week advanced upper and lower body program by King. I thought the same thing you did: how should I cycle it with the week off in the middle of King’s programs? I decided I would do a two week cycle during weeks four and five. Then I’m off of it for two weeks. Then I’m back on for six weeks during weeks seven through thirteen (I know the program is 12 weeks, but I’m counting the rest week in the middle).

Did you check out the Mag 10 Plan for Success. This has diet and split training guideline to follow while using Mag 10.