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Mag-10 Cycle

I am about to start up my first cycle of Mag-10 and then the TBX500/M cycle. My schedule is such that I can onle train nights some days and mornings on others. Will this have any effects on overall out come “not lifting the same time every day”? Any “educated” answer is very appreciated.

No, in fact it may help–given the “vary” principle which keeps the muscles guessing. I was told to take the Mag 10 prior to workout at the same time everyday. In your case the satisfaction of both these guidelines would be impossible. I would simply take the 10 at the same time everyday since this will raise/maintain T levels in a consistent and uniform fashion. I just came off my first Mag 10 cycle and gained 5 lbs of lean mass. I did experience very slight headaches at night. Didn’t notice a raise in sex drive. But, damn, when I cycled onto the Tribex (last week) I sure did. Good luck with it and remember to eat big.