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mag-10 cycle

Has anyone done the Mag-10, Tribex 500, M cycle? I am considering it, and I was wondering what you thought about it. What suggestions do you have for me? Thanks for your help.

I’m just ending my second week of a mag-10 t-500 cycle. So far I’ve put on 5 or 6 pounds. My strength has not improved as much as I’d like. But, the pump I get while working out is very nice and I seem to be a little bit harder.

Ditto on the above. i had the exact same results after my first two week cycle of mag-10. def harder and bigger, with 5-6 lbs weight gain. second cycle i was not to thrilled with…this time i am going to do maintainence calories while using mag-10 and clenbutrx and doing whole body three times a week w/ 3 sets a body part at 6-8 reps (got about 10 years exp lifting). of course taking in like 300-400 grams of protein while keeping calories at maint or slightly above. trying to do the burn fat/build muscle thang. i figure with a good fat burner and mag-10, and some metrx and whey combo to supplement protein, i should be able to do this.

Guys, what were your stats (height, weight, experience lifting, maintenance calories, calories ingested, and types of foods eaten) while you were on the MAG-10? I ask because most of the people who have reported gaining only 5 or 6 pounds weren’t eating all that well.

Well, i’ll say this about my diet while on the aforementioned mag-10 cycles…i ate for sure 350 to 400 protein calories and 3 tblspns of flax oil a day religiously. i used two Metrx APM (60 grams a piece) and about 8 scoops of whey protein (20 grams a shot), and if i worked out i replaced an APM with a Twinlab Mass Fuel post workout. as for the whole food calories, i admit to eating shitty. i would eat twice whole food and it would usually be one meal of KFC (hey two breasts or thighs and a corn on the cob with some mashed potatoes and a biscuit isn’t ALL bad) or maybe a wendy’s burger and a frosty. then i would eat just some snack type food or lean body bar for the other whole food feeding. basically i was around the 4000 calorie mark the whole time. thats a lot for me i believe, since i weigh only about 165 in decent shape (i’m 5’ 8"). i tend to lose weight on a 2500-3000 calorie range diet. so 4000 plus is about right for me to not get too sloppy. I simply don’t gain weight easily w/o fat accumulation. i have been working out since a teenager, and just turned 30…so i got a lot of time put in, and i am disciplined with training. this time around i just said fuck it…i’m going to see how cut i can get, and keep my muscle using mag-10 and clenbutrx along with 300 plus grams of protein. i am going to use arimidex and clomid also on the off mag-10 weeks. but thats another story. I can get away with weighing for shit, because i got really huge traps and neck that are genetically perfect. my chest is shaped shitty but really big…arms are just normally muscular, and back is above average. so people always think i am “big”, even though i am short and have small bones and smallish arms and don’t really weigh much. sucks to know you don’t weigh “enough” though. there is quite an emphasis on the weight thing. but if you look good, weight isn’t going to matter.

Zev is very right. You need to eat in order to increase size and strength. Check out the massive eating hyperlink that is found on Biotest’s web-site and product description for Mag-10. It’s very helpful. If you don’t eat the Mag-10 is a waste of money.

Sorry…but i must disagree here. if you get fat on high calorie/high carb diets, it is retarded to do so. if mag-10 is what it says it is, then if you take care of your protein intake (300-400 grams a day) and your EFA intake (2-3 tblsp a day) as well as take in a 600 calorie post workout drink with some mega carbs in it, why will you not build muscle and burn fat? also making sure you take the proper vitamin/mineral supplementation and get a pre-workout mini-meal and use creatine and glutamine post workout, eat every 3 hours at least and get a shot of protein when you get up to piss in the middle of the night. i see no need to eat like a freakin horse unless you are one who can gain predominantly muscle. i admit mag-10 did make it much more muscle than fat than usual when i did higher calories, but there was still too much fat. everyone is different and needs to adjust their calories/protein intake accordingly. when you add fat and diet down, it almost always results in minimal muscle gain. why not just add it slowly w/o gaining any fat, and dropping fat in the meanwhile? i figure mag-10 to be perfect for this type of thing.

As far as stats go I’m 38 years old. I’ve been training seriously for about 8 years. I’m 5’10", my bodyweight was 208 when I started. Maintanance calories were about 2800. Now I’m eating 3600 to 3800 calories per day, with about 320 grams of protein per day. For breakfast I eat a protein shake (800 calories, 100 g’s of protein). Couple of hours later I’ll eat cottage cheese, 40 g’s protein. For lunch usually tuna or turkey, 55 g’s of protein. couple of hours later a protein bar. Dinner, usually turkey breast. Then before bed, cereal with skim milk, or topped with a mixed protein shake. Not the best diet, but I work 10 or 11 hours per day. What do you think?

I replied to your posts, guys, but accidentally did so in the “Bent-Over Barbell Rows” thread. Check it out if you’re interested. Sorry for the mix-up.

Zev (aka “dumbass”)…J/K!!!, you said it not me. lol. yeah, i think i am actually a woman in a mans body, or at least my hormonal profile is such. hard to explain that to people because of my muscularity…but little do they know i have to kill myself to look this way and if any other normal male did what i did, they would look twice as good. :slight_smile: so i am the type that responds on the low end of the results scale usually. i am pretty certain i got damn near 4K calories…two apm’s are 600, three flax is 400, 9 scoops of whey is about 1100, eating at KFC is good for a grand no matter what you do, and i usually got another 300 from incidentals like preworkout dose of amino fuel liquid and some carbs (about 100 cals) in the post workout creatine effervescent. then there was the second time i ate, which should be at least 500 or more cals. plus any little snacking i did daily. i did gain pretty well, then hit a wall. i knew i should have upped calories, and i would have gained more. but i saw myself getting a little fatter in the midsection and thought that i would rather just go ahead next round and do a cutting cycle with mag-10. which i am doing now. but yeah, if i were to allow myself to get a bit fat i would have responded better. due to my height and body type, i tend to shy away from putting on too much fat. makes me look bad. gotta stay somewhat lean to look decent. mag-10 seems to be holding me constant at 165 while i am losing fat. so i think it is working as a fat loss/keep (gain) muscle supplement. we shall see, almost a week into it now. going for three weeks, one dose on off days and two doses on w/o days. make two bottles work for three weeks. :wink:

Um, dude…you eat KFC and Wendy’s burgers with frostys and you wonder why you gain so much fat with your muscle? Dude, it’s not the genetics…

ok, you figured it out. what a dumb fucker i am.