Mag-10 cycle with moderate fat, high protein, and carb ups

Does anyone have any experience with using Mag-10 with a moderate fat, high protein, and carb ups in the meals after the workouts? Any experiences would be helpful. Bill Roberts, what do you think of this? Thanks

Brent, I’m intrigued with your approach. If you take Mag-10 out of the equation, I’m aware of people, BB types, that do low carbs (<30g/day) with 2 carb-up per week (>200g/day) that are able to put on muscle with very little fat. Can’t wait to see what Bill Roberts says.

I think this is being discussed over at the Dog Pound right now. You might want to take a look over there.

It can do fine, but for any given amount
of calories, or rate of fat gain allowed, I’m convinced carbs help build muscle better than fat does. If the difference is minor, just
a few grams more fat and a few less carbs, obviously the effect could not be much and won’t be perceived, but given a choice between, say, being isocaloric at 4500
calories per day (1500 calories from fat), or being 15% fat… well, that allows more than 200 grams per day extra carbs while consuming the same calories, so it’s not surprising that this difference should be noticeable, which it is.

But can you get excellent results on for example isocaloric? Yes.

Thanks for the responses. I’ve typically been someone who does better with low carbs, and moderate fat, so I was thinking of trying that on Mag-10. Thanks again.