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Mag-10 Cycle Variant/Report

Have done Mag-10 cycles before but always went longer than the 2-week recommendation and always seemed to peak after 2-3 weeks.

I remember years ago having such dramatic weight gains on the ABCDE diet and the and decided that the 2 on 2 off cycle made perfect sense from that calorie-jolt standpoint.

I also decided to do 3 cycles of 2 on 2 off and specialize body parts per the 2 week cycles… (i.e. 2 weeks lower body; 2 weeks pressing movements; 2 weeks pulling movements…etc.) The specialization training is hypertrophy style using a number of various workouts rotated for the same body part, the remaining body work in each cycle is strength oriented. The recovery 2 weeks involves recovery training for the muscles specialized in the previous 2 wk. cycle.)

I also ‘primed’ the system by being very low carb. for at least 5 days before going high carb/calorie.

Well, my first 2 wk.cycle was lower body and went from 200 to 212 pds (5’9").My lower body was trashed by the end of the 2 weeks from a strength standpoint but THICKER looking then ever before!.. and even more so 4-5 days into the recovery period.

Went down to 208 following the recovery period…I’ve just completed the 2nd Mag-10 cycle this time specializing in pressing movements (as well as all isolation work) for chest and shoulders…( the remaining workout consisted of rotated strength style sets for the remaining body).

During this cycle I went from 208 to 2 17.I can’t say my strength went up in my chest and shoulders but they ARE bigger than ever.(I have noted that LEGS are now stronger than ever during the shorter strength-oriented training THIS cycle!).

All in all, I’m really pleased.I begin another 2 week recovery phase tomorrow… and then finish with a 2week back period.