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mag-10 cycle length

can mag-10 be run continuously for 6-8 weeks, or does it need to be done 2-weeks-on/2-weeks-off? i’m considering running it with myostat throughout, followed by M, tribex and methoxy post-cycle (or on the 2-weeks-off parts in between, depending on which is the better method)

I think a better idea would be to do Mag10 for 2 weeks, take 2 weeks off, then 4-AD-EC for 4 weeks. Or you could even do that the other way around. Maybe one of the smarter guys/girls has a better idea.


Im guessing the Mag-10 2 weeks on 2 off (w/ M & Tribex) then repeat, would probably work best… or maybe just fastest for packing on some serious size.

Yeah I would love some feedback to this as well. Biotest has to deal with people bringing litigation against them for side effects from there product while AS dealers do not. If two weeks was better why don’t people do DBOL in 2 week cycles. If two weeks is better can someone give me a reason why this would be more effective and just not more safe. Thank you for anyone who cares to shed some light on this for me.

Guys, I’m going to try to be nice about this. You all need to do some reading. All of the information you’ve asked about is available on the Forum and/or in the T-mag archives themselves.

Please, use the search function. Pretty please.

Ok, here’s my take. When I’ve done Mag-10 before, the awesome strength increases (for me) usually start around the 10th day of the cycle and last until 3-5 days after the cycle. Now, tren (fina) acts in the same manner: strength increases start around the end of the second week and keep increasing for weeks. My thought is that if I stay on Mag-10 for a month, strength increases will continue for that month. So I’m in my first week of a current 4 week cycle. Perhaps I’ll check back in with results at the end.

I did Mag 10 for six weeks and got great gains. No problem recovering. I had a full bottle of tribex but didn’t even use it all. I went from 230 to over 250 and lost none of my gains in weight or strength when i went off.

In the original Mag10 announcement it says to expect great results in two weeks and in brackets it says cycles of two to eight weeks are recommended. I think I also read that elsewhere here. If I’m not mistaken you can take Mag10 for up to eight weeks but you would have to take at least that much time off. You would of course also need to take Tribex and M during the off period.

I just spent a large amount of time trying to look through the archives and search engine looking for an answer to the 2-week question. one of the things i read was the mag10 round table which was great for the history of the product but is there an article that you can remember that addresses science behind the 2 week issue. I’d love to be more educated about this but have litle knowledge. Thanks for your imput and patience.

I found the info in the Mag10 FAQ. It says cycles of 2weeks on 2weeks off or 8weeks on 8weeks off.

thanks for all the great info guys. i might try doing the 2on/2off for 8 weeks.