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MAG-10 Cycle Advice


What would be the most effective and safest cycle for MAG-10???

I was think of doing:
2 weeks - MAG-10 (6caps 2x/day)
2 weeks - Alpha Male
2 weeks - MAG-10 (6caps 2x/day)
2 weeks - Alpha Male

but I was just reading a pro-hormone article and it said that your cycle should be at least 5 weeks on and 5 off to be effective.

So once again my question is.... What would be the most effective and safest cycle for MAG-10???


I think your cycle would be the safest and best to go with. It's what is recommended by Biotest anyway. The article you read may have been promoting a different type of or brand of prohormone.

Also there are always going to be differing opinions on cycle length or dose. Again, what you listed is what is recommended and should give good results provided everything else is in order.


I used to do that and got ok results. Then I started reading how the shortest steroid cycles for people are 4 to 6 weeks in length. I then started thinking why would I only do a 2 week cycle on a prohormone that is not as effective as a steroid and do it for only half the time.

It's obviously your choice but I will never do just a 2 week cycle again. To me, it makes no sense. And guess what, I've seen better gains from the 4 week MAG-10 cycle.


Another option is to go 2 on, 1 off, 3 on.

Randman, did you run any kind of PCT after the 4 week cycle?


How much would a 4 or 5 week cycle (compared to the 2 week)increase the chances of side effects?


Of course, Alpha Male, M, Carbolin 19, and Methoxy-7.


Well, I can't give you scientific numbers but hundreds of thousands of people who do steroids don't do 2 week cycles. Prohormones are not as strong as steroids. Therefore, why do just a 2 week cycle prohormone cycle? Again, this is just my logical thought process.

Of course, Biotest put on the bottles "don't do this for more than 2 weeks at a time" because they were being on the extremely safe side when prohormones were legal.


All at once?


Anybody else have any suggestions? It would be great if Cy or somebody could chime in.....


Primarily, I'd say the likelihood of suppressed testosterone production would be greater. But I also agree that gains would be better. I don't know that Alpha Male alone would be powerful enough to restore natural test production post cycle.

Check out one of the old MAG-10 threads to see what Bill Roberts had to say about it. Good luck finding it, though.


Yes, you seem in shock/surprise. I haven't imploded yet :0


My understanding was that you werent supposed to take Alpha Male and M together......... Im pretty sure Cy said that before, I think in the Alpha Male thread. Could be wrong.... It just seemed like a lot.


He recommends 5 days on Alpha Male, 2 days on M.


Oh, ok......... gotcha.

any other suggestions from anybody on the cycle? Experiences they have had? what length of time for cycles that they think is best?


Not for PCT following MAG-10. He mentions using Alpha Male by itself as the new version has Vitex in it.


recarter77 wrote:
Cy Willson wrote:
recarter77 wrote:
How would you organize a cycle of MAG-10, Alpha Male and Carbolin 19?

I was thinking of this:
MAG-10 - 2wks
Alpha Male - 2wks
MAG-10 - 2wks
Alpha Male - 2wks....etc
continue stack for three months...
after three months:
Carbolin 19

Is this too much? What would you recommend? Also, do I need to cycle M anywhere? If so, where? Thanks for your help!

What you've proposed looks ok.

So there is no need to cycle M anywhere? Thanks, your help is appreciated!

If the Alpha Male you have contains vitex, there's no need for the M in your proposed cycle. However, it's still not a bad idea to use at other times, when you're taking a break from the Alpha Male.


Stick to cycles of 3 weeks, or less, in duration to minimize the likelihood of HPTA downregulation.

I think this represents the best gain to risk ratio, and you can always take 2 weeks off and come back and do another 3 week cycle.

Anything longer requires more attention to PCT and I haven't seen that much more in terms of gains to justify it. Besides, users tend to keep a greater percentage of their gains with cycles of this length as opposed to 5 and 6 week cycles.


Really, the risks are minimal with MAG-10. I've done two cycles, one in the original formulation, the other in the first pill formulation.

I did 2 week cycles both times, and both times I gained about 10 lb muscle.

The cycles were about 1.5 years apart.

That's my 2 cents.




I would do:

3 weeks MAG-10
2-3 weeks Alpha Male, Carbolin 19
3 weeks MAG-10
2-3 weeks Alpha Male, Carbolin 19

I would also throw in Spike on during the MAG-10 usage. That combo is killer!

I did three weeks of MAG-10 Legacy 2 X 5 caps with no problems. Hit the gym hard and add the Carbolin 19 if you can afford to. I think it really helped me keep the gains from the MAG-10.


How beneficial would the Carbolin 19 really be?