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Mag 10 Clarifications

Three questions for Bill or anyone who can answer them:
I noticed that 400g protein and 500g carbs would be recommended during Mag 10 use. Assuming a relatively low fat intake of 70g, that adds up to 4,230 calories a day. The Mag 10 FAQ says to eat 1,000 calories above maintainence. I know that 3,230 calories is already quite a bit above maintainence. Since it was recommended that Mag 10 users eat at least 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight, it follows that Biotest assumes they will typically be dealing with 200 lb. trainers. Is it logical to assume that carb intake will be set at 2.5g per pound of bodyweight? In light of these questions, I wonder if recommendations should be given in relation to either bodyweight or as a percentage of overall caloric intake (maintainence + 1,000) with a breakdown for protein, carbs, and fat.

2. Should the 1,000 above maintainence intake be continued between two week cycles?

3. The 20-30 lb. gain supposedly occurs over 8 weeks, which encompassed 2 cycles. Are gains fairly evenly spaced out over time, or will one experience more progress during the first or second cycle?

Just thought I’d throw out some things that were on my mind- any clarification would be great.

Yes, more preferably grams would be given
in terms of bodyweight, but as it is even
the short version (400/500) was too long
for the label and won’t be there.

It’s true that 400/500 would wind up being
somewhat over the 1000 calories above maintenance figure, but not really drastically
so, and the 1000 calories figure is a case of "if you do less than this your gains
will definitely really be suffering) rather than “there’s absolutely no point in eating one more calorie than this, this is already maxing out your gains.”

I would not continue the above-maintenance
calories in off weeks. In fact, past the
first off week, the off weeks might be
dieting weeks (if desired.)

The 20-30 lb figure is intended to be
in reference to 8 weeks of use, though
many could gain 20 lb LBM in 8 weeks
of a 2 on / 4 off / 2 on pattern.

So the 20 lbs. actually refers to 8 weeks on and the 12 weeks in between those on-times? In other words, will it take four bottles? I assume that the rational behind dieting between cycles is to reprime the system so that going back on will have an even more anabolic effect, similar to the ABCDE (I know it didn’t work) or Delta 1250 diets. Thanks for the info- you really know your stuff!

Well, the “20-30 lb” from 8 weeks of MAG-10
use did mean 8 weeks of actual using it,
but for 20 lb I’d expect that to be pretty
common for just 4 weeks of use given appropriate training, protein and carb intake.

The dieting inbetween, if done, isn’t to
reprime the system but simply to lose fat
if that’s needed. Most guys want to both
gain muscle and lose fat. While MAG-10
will make a big difference in dieting, it
makes an even bigger difference in muscle
gain when bulking, so if using only some
of the time and wanting fast results in
both muscle gain and fat loss, it’s best
for the fat loss, if needed, to be in the “off” weeks.

When I first read Bill’s post, I said what the fuck, are we playing with words here?
on second thought, though, if the weeks in between are diet weeks,we can put on the mass without putting on a lot of fat, BUT we will definitely NEED SOME GUIDELINESSSSSS!!!


OK, let me get this straight. So if one were to stay on for 8 weeks they could diet after only one week off? Or does this only apply to the two weeks on four weeks off protocol? If so how many weeks would you have to wait to diet after an 8 week cycle? Thanks.

I don’t agree with Bill if he’s saying that after the first off week could be used for dieting off the fat. I think you should lower the calories back down to maintenance for at least the first 4 weeks in order to keep the muscle that was just put on. If you’re like me, and have a fast metabolism, then lowering calories to diet after a cycle would result in just as much lbm. loss as fat loss. This is all being said assuming no fat loss drugs and/or supplements are being used.