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Mag-10 Cheat Fast

Coach as a type 3 I would like to do a Mag-10 Cheat Fast in hopes of enhancing insulin sensitivity in muscle. My question is will doing it one time make a big difference? Or would I need to do it a few times in a certain time period to take advantage of the benefits? Also, I’ve been using the Type 3 Mass Gain Diet for awhile and making good progress.

Thank you for your time and stay healthy.

Coach Thibs will have his own views on this.

I can tell you multiple protein pulses will spike your insulin, while any kind of ‘cheat’ will jack it up for an extended period (assuming you have some form of insulin resistance).

The only meaningful way to correct this is to do the opposite, i.e. infrequent feedings and fewer cheats.

Thanks James. I’m specifically referring to this article.