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Mag 10 Challenge Results

Per Bill Robert’s request, I am posting my “Mag 10 Challenge” results on this forum: For those of you that do not know, 15 or so people were selected to try Mag 10 at two doses / day for eight weeks, and compare the results of Mag 10 with a normal steroid cycle. I commenced with Mag 10 the day after a Powerlifting Meet, which was the same day I ended my anabolic cycle. My anabolic cycle consisted of 75mg of Trenbolone ED for eight weeks stacked with 700mg / week of Test. Enanthate. I frontloaded both the Tren and Test at 300mg and 1500mg respectively over a two day period. The last part of my cycle consisted of Halo at between 20 and 35mg / day pryamiding upward to the 35mg / day figure the last week before the meet. On this cycle, I went from 193 and 10%BF TO 215 1/2lbs and 14% BF(this was what I weighed in at the day before the meet). My goal POST MEET, was to lose the fat, but keep the strength. In all of this, you must remember that I train under a powerlifting protocol, low reps, high weights…muscle mass is of little concern to me. It is all about strength. POST MEET, my DIET consisted of 3000 - 3500 calories / day. 200-300g of protein, normally less than 150g of carbs, and the rest fat. I was not SUPER STRICT. I did drink some alchohol, and eat a little sugar. As I mentioned, TRAINING was Westside Style. For the sake of space low reps and high weight. The only thing I did out of the ordinary with respect to powerlifting, was cardio at 30-40 minues / day 3-4X / week. SUPPLEMENTS other than Mag 10 were 2000mg Vitamin C / day, 400iu’s Vitamin E, 10,000iu’s Vitamin A, a Multi-Vitamin and I did use Clomid at 50mg / day because of coming off a regular anabolic cycle.

One of the nice things I noticed immediately about Mag 10 was that I DID NOT have my usual “post cycle blahs”, not feeling like training etc…I kept right at the pace I was at while “on”. More importantly, I DID NOT have my usual post cycle libido and erection problems. Trust me, this has ALWAYS plagued me for 3-4 weeks during the three months or so between steroid cycles. We have all heard about “roid rage”… myth or not…I can assure that it is real, at least for me. I am MUCH MORE irritable while “on”. With Mag 10 this WAS NOT the case. Now on to the most important comparison…RESULTS. I was trying to keep my strength levels up, while losing the fat. If you remember I started the Mag 10 cycle at 215 1/2 lbs and 14% BF. I ENDED the Mag 10 cycle at 202 and 11% BF. My STRENGTH LEVELS? Pretty simple, I benched at my meet 425 using a poly shirt…missed 445 by an inch at the top. With one week to go in my Mag 10 cycle I benched in the gym WITH NO SHIRT, 415lbs…REMEMBER, I weighed 202 at the end of Mag 10, 215 1/2 before…and FULL of anabolics! Pretty incredible if you ask me. My squat was 505 unassisted before Mag 10, 510 after! Dead was 535 before 515 after.

Now to me, getting these results at less body weight and not being on anabolics is impressive. To compare to a regular cycle would be difficult to tell you the truth…I would have to try Mag 10 after other cycles to compare long term results Vs. anabolics. About the only complaint I have is the price…remember, these bottles were free for me, but if I had to buy them, it would be pricier than a normal cycle. Saying that, for the individual who does not wish to take the “illegal leap”, my experience tells me that this is THE CLOSEST THING to anabolics…not that it matters, I am 39 yrs. of age. Thx Biotest and Bill Roberts.

Hey JRR…thx for the update. Interested in trying Mag 10. Have you used Tribex? What are your thoughts on it?

Cool, sounds like we had about the same opinion of double dose Mag-10. Would you be interesting in keeping up with me and the rest of the crew about how you do after the next few weeks? You’ve been on a while and I hope recovery goes well for you, it would be hard on me. Thanks for keeping us informed. Peace

Under normal circumstances I would keep you updated…however, I just started another cycle in preperation for a meet in February.

What are using for recovery from your Mag-10 cycle? I noticed that alot of guys seem to use clomid. Where the hell do you get that from?

In regards to MAG10 recovery, I used 3 caps of M in the morning on an empty stomach and 3 caps of Tribex 500 after 6pm on an empty stomach for 2 weeks after a 2 week cycle of MAG10. I felt that I came off the MAG pretty good and I just started another 2 week cycle of MAG 10. I believe you can do this 2 on 2 off cycle for 12 weeks total and then you take a ful 4 weeks off MAG10. I am going to do this heading to summer and see if I can get from 202 up to 220 (maintaining est. 12-14% BF).

Clomid is a prescription anti-estrogen aid that stumlates natural Test. production after the cessation of anabolic steroids. It is also a mildly effective in keeping gyno at bay. As I mentioned, it is a prescription drug, therefore most of us get through out anabolic suppliers. You are allowed to bring back a minimal supply without a scrip from foreign countries…it is not controlled as much as anabolics. In the absence of Clomid I have used Tribex and Solary Vitex with nice results. You, of course, can also use Biotest M.