Mag-10 Caps

Anyone who has tried both the liquid and capsule versions of Mag-10, care to share your views on the differences between the two?

How are you taking it? Double dosing first day and one dose everyday till the end of the bottle? Or double dose everyday?

And how are you training (because I just assume everyone is going to use Massive Eating anyway)?

I’m interested in hearing how the new delivery system pans out. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Well I finish my last dose of the caps tomarrow. Hard for me to judge effectiveness becuase I started taking creatine for the first time at the same time. However I have gotten quite a bit thicker in the two weeks.

i start monday, i let you know.

the first day i’m going to go 6 caps in the am, after that im going to split 3 and 3.

Good to hear, infinity. When you’re done, would you be so kind as to post your results and thoughts about it (and even do a comparison if you’ve used the liquid previously)? It would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone else have anything to share?

Bumping this back up because I know there’s got to be more people who have or will try the new capsule version.

Hey infinity what type of creatine and how much did you gain?stregth?

I’ve tried both and it is hard for me to distinguish between the two. I love both, but could not tell much of a difference between them other than the convenience of the capsules.

When I took the liquid I didn’t have my diet dialed in as well as I did with the capsules so I gained more quality muscle with the capsules. They both work very well, and the capsules are great for split dosing.

During my cycles I did mostly hypertrophy training and I did everything twice a week. I can attribute at least 15 pounds to Mag-10. Any questions just ask.

Hey Jeff, the caps are a defenite improvement, strength and size gains are still really really impresive, but I’ve also noticed really good pumps throughout the cycle (can’t recall noticing this with liquid, or at least not enough to note), I’d say I was up about 11 lbs. in first two weeks, unfortunatel I’ve been really incosistent the whole 3rd week (planning 4wks.) and basically havent eaten or trained a bit and the gains are defenitely faltering, which is really disappointing since it’s my own fault and have probably reduced my potential for gains at the end of the 4 weeks by half… due to just how bad I’vd fallen off I may just cut the cycle short and save the last bottle…

The caps are incredible but expensive, make sure you stock up on the protein first and have everything else in order, I had to accumulate the mag10 over several months, of course now Biotest runs the buy 2 get 2 free special!

Honestly from what I’ve seen, I don’t see any reason one couldn’t add and keep 20 lbs. of muscle on a 4 week cycle.

Congradulations Josh and Agathos on your success with Mag-10! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

Josh, you mentioned split dosing. Do you mean that after the double dosing day that you took, for instance, 3 capsules twice a day? If so, what advantages did you see or feel doing so?

Agathos, sorry to hear the about the messed up cycle. Regardless, it sounds like you still made some impressive gains. One question though, what made you go for a four week plan?

Much appreciation.

Anyone else have anything to contribute?

I took the Mag-10 caps but not the liquid, and I thought the caps ruled. I liked the greasy “I just ate a bunch of donuts” burps I had for a few hours after each dose too. I’m gonna stock up with the big sale thats going on and write a report after my next cycle in a month or so.