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MAG-10 Caps


Does anyone know the amount of Mag10 per capsule? The liquid is listed at 9ml for each 300mg stack at 1.5 capfuls.

I want to buy the capsules but there is no info posted as to how much is in each capsule. I just want to know how much to buy and how long a bottle is supposed to last. Anyone know?



Part II of "Something bad..." tells you that the bottle still has 14 servings, same as last time. Doesn't really matter how much is in a cap, it's how many servings there are that counts. Look down at the ordering info box (very bottom of the article).

And if you're really concerned about the dose amount, this is stated in the article:

"Another aspect of an optimized self-microemulsion formula is that it can deliver remarkable amounts of compounds in a very limited volume. In the case of MAG-10, what was previously a 9-mL dose in liquid form is now super-concentrated to about 4.6 mL."


CC - Thanks for the info I clearly missed. I did see that their were 14 servings in the bottle of Mag10 caps down at the bottom. However, I want to know if you only take one serving a day, two servings a day and so on. The reason I ask this is because most supplements in relation ask you to take 4 capsules 3 times a day or 2 capsules 3 times a day and so on. Seeing as this is pretty spendy and I want to get the results I am after I'd like to know all the info upfront before I buy. I called the ordering dept and they were slammed and I waited forever.

I guess restating my question is in order.

What is the suggested dose and how long will a bottle last?

Thanks a bunch man!


Well seeing as it's not actually out yet, I guess I can't give you an absolute answer. My best guess, however, would be that the bottle still lasts two weeks as before, and you are only supposed to take one serving per day. I can't imagine Biotest would make it any more often than that, especially considering the price on that bad boy.