Mag-10 caps and Red Kat

Don’t get me wrong, because I’ve really enjoyed Mag-10 as a stand alone product. Let me just say this though, I added Red Kat to my supplement regimen (I was previously using only creatine and Mag-10) and low and behold I added 3 reps to my one set max of 225 x 13. This maybe just coincidental, but I really feel the Red Kat has helped. Another reason I suspect that it has helped as I’ve noticed a slight increase in facial and back acne. However, the acne is easily manageable with proper cleansing. I’ve also only had to use 2 caps of Red Kat a day so the benefits seem to have outweighed the costs as well. Has anyone else noticed this?

Good to hear about your progress with the Rad Kat, but I’m still waiting for an article from T-Mag to really go into this new supplement and what we can expect from it. I’m a little suprised that its been released with so little fanfare. i’m sure its a quality product, but I want to know more about before I invest $$ into it.