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mag-10 canada

Anyone know how to get mag-10 tribex etc. around vancouver canada? I’v looking all over but Biotest products are just rare.

Well if you go to upper49th.com they carry all the biotest stuff that’s legal in Canada. They are a little pricy however. If you go the suppliments Canada website it’s cheaper but they don’t have everything. YOu can’t get Mag-10, 4AD, Androsol in Canada legally (not to say it’s impossible just not legal).

On a side note I hate upper 49th, they’ve screwed both myself and a number of my friends in recent months so I will never order from them again.

My suggestion really would just be to order direct from Biotest, it’s going to be about the same price as upper49th after shipping and duty but this way you’re not going to get screwed.


check out sndcanada.com or heavyweights.net, they have a great selection of Biotest products and the best Canadian prices that I have seen on the net…

I constantly communte between Canada and the US. If you want, I could order it for you and bring it over the border and mail it to you from inside Canada. That’d be a 100% surefire way of getting it. I know for a fact that MAG-10 barely ever gets past customs when mailed from the US to Canada. PM me if you need more info.

thanks guys! i think i will just stick with what i’ve got for now.

chrismcl, that’s a really nice thing for you to offer, but boy, with the volume of PM you just might get, you might wish you had of stayed in bed today! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the consequences if you are caught smuggling Mag 10 into Canada? I live in Windsor and will be crossing the border at Detroit…

I don’t think that if you got caught w/ MAG-10 going into Canada that very much would happen. Border guards aren’t that educated in steroids, let alone supplements, therefore, if you tell them that it’s just something your doctor told you to take, I don’t think they’d have a problem with it.

Just order it. I’ve recieved Androsol, mag-10 and 4-ad-ec numerous times with no problems.

I would order it, but I’m not sure if they would get through the Detroit-Windsor border. Also, does anyone know how much duty and all the other taxes are?

I got a nice letter from customs out here in Calgary telling me I broke the law on my third MAG-10 shipment. Now everything I order gets ripped open and inspected and burned if they suspect anything. Be careful if you live in a nazi province like Alberta. It’s not worth the hassle.

Yeah, I’m waiting on the arrival of some Mag-10. We’ll see what happens as I didn’t actually buy it from biotest. The place I bought it from is shipping it as “vitamins” with a very low value. We’ll see what happens with it, I’ll let you guys know. I’ve heard Alberta is a bad place to try and get this stuff into. . .