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MAG-10 Canada (Alberta)

I ordered a single bottle on Tuesday, Dec. 17 and had it shipped UPS Worldwide Express and it arrived yesterday (Dec. 19). Now, going by what several people on this forum have mentioned concerning shipment to western Canada, I didn’t expect to receive the package at all and instead expected it to be seized by customs. However, my single bottle made it through and has absolutely made my Christmas. Now, I’m going to do this again and a few times after that until I get what I need. Single bottles, since the people that seem to get it seized try for more. I hope this gives other people on here some hope.

I had actually ordered two bottles of MAG-10, and received them as well. I’m in Barrie, Ontario. I guess small amounts may not be seized, but I have a feeling that they could at any time seize whatever they want. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.

Hmmmmmm, that is interesting. I live in Lethbridge and have always heard that it would get seized as well. I am home for the holidays in Ontario, and actually received my mag 10 plan for success and 2 free boxes of grow bars and shirt about 30 minutes ago. This also made my christmas. Hope the mag 10 works well for ya,
:slight_smile: groove

You guys suck. Porkchop, did you order the Mag 10 right from Bio Test? I ordered from Bio Test. Canada Customs bastards have not even sent me a letter saying they have my Mag 10 but Fed Ex says they seized my 2 bottle package. At least they could send the cops and make my day interesting.

Porkchop - thanks for the scoop. I’m in Vancouver and am one of the “chosen people” that lost 3 bottles due to Customs. Perhaps i’ll try the single bottle/UPS route. CR

By most accounts, customs out here are sharks, so I’m not sure if the Christmas deluge has had any affect on their search and destroy tactics. Next week, I’m ordering more and we’ll see what happens. I hope this isn’t just an anomaly.

I ordered through Netrition.com. Single bottle orders with UPS come to $135 for me. That is so steep, but in due course I’ll see if it’s worth it (very psyched currently. I originally wanted to try for more but then thought about it and figured I’d try it one at a time. I can’t believe it took 2 days from the time my order was placed. I feel like having a cheat meal to celebrate. Peanut butter AND jam this time :wink:

Just a thought, but would it be possible for Biotest or Netrition to describe the contents of the package as “Colloidal mineral supplement” or some such thing? To take it a step further, couldn’t the shipper just use dummy labels or pour the mag10 into a diffeent bottle? might take 5 minutes tops, just a thought…

Pete - As much as I want the stuff too, I don’t think it’s necessarily in the best interest of any company to do so. There’s gray areas and then there’s completely and intentionally trying to mislead. I don’t know if they would want to risk being caught for something like that because it would certainly have a negative effect on shipping all of their mainstream products over the border in the future. As much as I would love to have it, I’d hate to see Biotest screw themselves just to get a couple of bottles into the hands of some needy Canadians, eh! CR.

I hear ya man, but just an observation: when i ordered the now discontinued T2 from netrition in new york, they described the contents as “Vitamin E” I thought that was very thoughtful on their part. Well I’m off for the holidays, have a great christmas CR, and I just might hook up with you and the clanman next year! Peace!

I wouldn?t doubt that the holiday rush on mail could make it easier to get this stuff past the border. Maybe people should try to buy in bulk around Christmas every year.

Some people here in the USA could link up with Canadians and have one person order the stuff, and then repackage it in ?friendly packaging? and ship it up to see if it makes it there. Or somebody living on the border could get your shipment, take it across the border, (some risk) and drop it into a Canadian mail box.

Just a thought.

Man, that would be ideal to know someone on the southern end of the border! In my opinion there would be no risk whatsoever with a different label- I can’t see a customs officer open up a bottle of “colloidal minerals” and get it analyzed at a lab to discover it contains 4 ad and 1 ae!!! a foolproof solution no doubt…