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Mag-10 calorie intake

Whoa!!! What the hell was I looking at! I looked at the massive eating article and tried to figure out what my calorie needs were when I was to take M-10 and almost shit myself. I’m not the smartest guy in the world nor the dumbest but that confused me a little. Is there any tips out there for me to find out my caloric needs? I appreciate it men.

Actually, you can just head over to John’s website, johnberadri.com He has the “Massive Eating Calculator” over there. Just punch in your info and voila!

As far as Mag-10, add about 1000 calories to the number the calculator gives you. I knwo it will seem like too much, but you need it to grow. You Mag-10 experience will be so much more worthwhile if you eat enough. Hope this helps.

Ack! Just realized I spelled the website wrong. It’s actually johnberadi.com Sorry John!

Thank you for your help. But check this out. I used the calaculator and put in all the information it asked for and my caloric needs came to 6500-7000 calories a day!!! No I didn’t scerw up either. I double checked it and even used the shortest workout time I had. Is this right while on M-10? Thanks

I myself wouldn’t add anything to what
this particular calculator gives. If anything,
I think it’s high by a few hundred calories
for most people even when on MAG-10, and
very few would need more than what the
calculator gives.

The “1000 over” figure is 1000 over one’s ordinary maintenance while training, while
on an ordinary (good) diet.

Thank you for your input. I found it hard to find out exactly what my maintnence caloric level is. Could you please help? I’m 242 lbs. while around 14-16%bf. Thank you

The best answer really is from experience: knowing how many calories you eat ordinarily (which many people don’t know, and is hard to know without using measured portions and eating standardized meals) without change
in bodyfat over time. I don’t really know an established average figure for weight trainers. Something like 16 or 17 cal/lb LBM/day seems pretty typical though; with an increase to 22 - 25 cal/lb LBM/day being typically reasonable when on MAG-10 (2.0 - 2.5
grams protein / lb LBM /day, low fat, the rest carbs.)