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Mag-10 calorie intake

Heres the deal. I will go on a mag-10 cycle: 2 weeks on 2 off, then repeat it once more. Taking double doses. My problem is I tend to gain weight(fat) very easy. Very. Now I know that if I consume the calories you say too while on Mag-10 I will blow up like a mug!!! Is it possible for me to cosume less calories and still gain the same amount of muscle??? By the way I weigh 238-242lbs. Thank you fellow T-men!

Hey! I am involved in the MAG-10 challenge (3rd week of challenge)and in my opinion I have a hard time keeping my calories high enough to gain muscle. I gain fat very easily too but MAG-10 really seems to increase my metabolism. I am now in the process of losing bodyfat while using MAG-10.
It works great for me.
Hope this helps,


Questions like this tend to piss me off. Look, no one can predict what’s going to happen when you try a given diet or program. All you can do is try the damn thing, sticking as closely to the given protocols as is possible for you to do, and see what happens. Once you have done this, then you can evaluate and tweak as necessary - but you can’t do that before you’ve got some empirical data (your experience) to work with, and we certainly can’t do it for you.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but questions like this have been popping up a lot lately…

He dawg if it pisses you off don’t answer the damn thing! You act like your forced too. Don’t act like your all high and mighty coming at me with that “do it this way” or “that way” sh**. You obviously don’t know so don’t write.

I have to agree with Chardawg, just do as the protocol states. The point of the specified amounts of carbs and protein is because Androgens enable the body to process them much faster. If you really want to gain the most muscle possible, then don’t worry about fat gain. Focus more on making sure you are getting enough calories. Besides you are only following the Mag-10 diet while you are on Mag-10 which is only 2 weeks. So give the suggested Mag-10 diet protocol a try and afterwards adjust it to fit your needs.

Mag-10 is not a magic potion.

The general diet guidelines given are just that…“general”. If you’ve been around bodybuilding long enough you know how your body responds better than any expert who has just met you. Follow what you already know. Although realize that a significant amount of surpluscalories [especially in protein] have to be consumed in order to maximize your results.

Buy yourself a pair of calipers and make sure that at least 80% of the weight gained is muscle. If not, then I would make adjustments to my diet.

Hope it helps.

Consume exactly 4,923 kcal per day. Seriously, I agree with Char…there is no way for anyone to have a good answer for this…trial and error is the only way. You could possibly jeopardize your muscle gains if you consumed too few cals, but we know nothing about you (what training program you’ll be using, what your maintenance cals are currently, etc.) so it’s impossible to even approach a figure.