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Mag-10 + burner

hey there, I was just wondering something. I’ve just gotten my Mag-10, surge, and grow in and am starting the german volume training. However If I take a fat loss supplement i.e. HotRox, hydroxycut,etc will that affect the Mag-10 in any way? Also Ive heard taking double doses for three weeks gets the most progress. I’m currently 5’8" 190lbs, 17.5%bf, bench 235 and squat 380 and have been lifting for three years. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help on this matter. Thanks

If you are trying to build muscle then no you shouldn’t use a fatburner.

I actually wouldn’t start doing a bulking cycle at 17.5% bf. I would try to cut down to at least 12% bf before you use the Mag to bulk. It’ll help your investment in Mag-10 in the long run.

Also, if you use the fat burner for pre-2orkout boost, it’s okay, but otherwise, no. Bill Roberts also says that low-levels of T2 while on won’t affect how Mag-10 works for you.