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MAG-10 BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

T-mag says to eat 1000 cals over
when on MAG-10. Well, duh, you’d gain 20 pounds even without MAG-10, what a scam! U guys suk!!!

You idiot, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Do you think muscle comes out of thin air? Of course you are gonna have to ingest more calories to get a more pronounced effect. You would have to do the same thing with steroids if you want to gain a lot of muscle mass.

Hey Jim, why don’t you go eat the ass out of a menstrating skunk!

Any trainer who can gain 20 lb of muscle
(in a relatively short period of time)
while gaining little fat, simply by increasing
calories and protein, should do so.

If you’re talking about absolute novice trainers,
well I don’t know about 20 lb of muscle
in a short time with little fat gain, but
it is correct that increasing calories by
about 1000, while increasing protein and
introducing weight training, certainly can
be worth 10-15 lb of mostly muscle gain
before rapid muscle gain stops and the gain becomes
mostly fat.

MAG-10 isn’t intended for absolute beginners
who could so easily add a lot of muscle quickly just by eating more and training well.
When you have a little more experience training you’ll find it’s not so simple. If you do nothing but add 1000 calories per day, for the most part you’ll just wind up adding
2 lb of fat per week or so and will wind up fat as a pig and not so much more muscular.
Unless your training has been really deficient up till now.

What we’re talking about is adding 20-30 LBM to those who have been training well and eating well for some time, and who could NOT add much more muscle mass quickly by any other means – guys who are experienced enough that just adding calories and protein won’t do the trick.

They’ve already taken that route as far as it can go.

Does this make sense? Really, you do get to
a point, and rather quickly, where just adding
calories and protein doesn’t keep adding muscle. Nutrition doesn’t force muscle gain: it just allows it if it is otherwise being stimulated and is otherwise possible.

It’s like I wrote in another thread- eating that much without an anabolic helper would just make you fat. Eating while “on” makes the food “go where it’s supposed to go” for lack of better words.

Bill, you have the patience of a saint. As for me, my message for Jim Brown is: you’re absolutely right. You should never ever in your life use any of Biotest’s “sukky” products. Congratulations on being a discerning customer, and, while you’re at it, please don’t waste any more of your valuable, knowledge-laden time posting on these boards again. It’s only going to hold you back from that billiant future you have in front of you as a newspaper critic.

Brown’s structure and emotion aren’t meaningful but…how about a decent study, guys? Sure, given BT’s track record, it’s going to be a worthwhile supp, but right now the extent of “good” is subjective.

Ever notice that most of these negative types always have a hard time with spelling?

Bill Roberts…
Got to respect you a lot. It feels really good when someone shows that kind of professionalism and doesn’t take posts like that as personal attacks.
Great response. Says a lot.