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MAG-10: Brings a Tear To The Eye...

Hey guys,

I was just arranging freezer space for the prohormones that I’ve stockpiled for the ‘long winter’ and I thought I’d share such beautiful image.

Do you think it would be overkill to invest in another 12 bottles of the most recent version (not Legacy; sadly I had my chance)?


I might be wrong, but I think Tim will run one more batch of the Legacy formula.

One- There is time.

Two- Biotest makes some money.

Three- All of the Legacy labels/promos are still up on the site even though all the pre orders have been delivered and the product is sold out.

Yeah, my case is already in the freezer, but I’d buy another.

I’m really REALLY hoping that Tim decides to throw out another wave of that Mag-10 Legacy formula. I would definitely buy another case of it…

Anyway, with a little help I figured out how to fit the picture on the forum, so take a look at the beauty… :wink:


Good Lord Man!


Damn that’s alot of money you put in. You should have enough for a lifetime. Even if you double serving it, you still have shitloads of cycles. I’m jealous.

I have a stack nearly identical to that, except instead of all that 4-AD-EC I have one of the 5 cycle bottles of MAG-10. So you win by a wee bit.