Mag 10 Box

Why does the box that contains the new Mag 10 caps say “Liquid Delivery System”? Liquid?

There’s liquid inside the caps

If you look at a MAG-10 capsule, you’ll see the liquid delivery system in there. It’s kinda purty.

Remember, this was much more involved than just squirting MAG-10 into capsules. Read the articles in issues 272 and 273 if you haven’t yet. There’s some detailed info on the microemulsion technology there.

I agree the word “Liquid” on there may throw some people off. I guess it’s still the liquid delivery system within the capsule doing the work, so Biotest stuck with the word “liquid”. Just a guess.

…had to run into the kitchen and get mine out of the cabinet, you’re right. “Liquid Delivery System”

Not knowing or even having the faintest idea of how the micro-emulstion technology works, I might guess that the micro-emulsion actually is a system for liquid delivery, after all, looking at the caps, it looks just like the liquid inside of them.

That’s crazy!!! cool.